How much does a PWC Jet ski lift cost?

Starting at: $2,781.99 PWC Lifts (Personal Water Craft) are designed to lift and store your Jet Ski, Kayak, Jet boat, small Skiff / boat up to 7 foot wide depending on the lift you choose. Dock mount, piling mount, free standing, and drive-ons are all options. We have all these choices in and they usually ship next day…

Which is the best PwC lift for EZ dock?

The EZ Port MAX 2i. Often copied by the competition, this is considered the best PWC lift available today. The game-changing, self-adjusting design makes loading and unloading effortless. PWCs of any shape and up to 1,700 lbs. can be accommodated with this PWC lift.

What kind of lift system does PwC use?

Single Piling/Single Track. Superior Box Beam Aluminum Construction. (Seawall or Piling Mount Application). 25’ Aluminum I-Beam Track. Aluminum Flat Plate Drive System with Drive Plate & Pulley Covers. Grooved Cable Winder and Guide w/PVC. Zinc Anode for corrosion protection and lead weights to prevent flotation.

How tall is a 1.500 lb PwC lift?

** Auto-Stop Remote Control not available on 1,500 lb Stationary or Swinger PWC Lifts. Single Piling. All Aluminum Construction. Available in Stationary or Swinger Type. 8’6” of Lift Travel. Full Length Carpeted Bunk Boards (FLB’s).

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Which is the best PWC Jet ski dock?

The HydroPort® Series jet ski lifts make launching easy and convenient — so you spend more time on the water. The HP EPIC™ has the widest anti-skid walkways in our HydroPort Series fleet of ports. The latest entry design has the easiest load and launch of any PWC docking platform on the market.

How much does a shoremaster PwC lift cost?

ShoreMaster 1200 PWC Lift. $ 1,999.99. Add to cart.