How much is a flat of pachysandra?

Flats for $50! Pachysandra is a favorite ground cover plant in hard-to-plant areas such as under trees, or in shady areas with poor or acidic soil.

Does pachysandra spread quickly?

Aim for three to four plants per square foot of growing area (roughly 6 to 12 inches apart). It takes pachysandra about three years to fill in a planting area. Spacing plants more closely together yields a quicker result, but can also lead to poor air circulation and diseases.

How many square feet does a flat of pachysandra cover?

45 square feet per plant for a total of 172 pachysandra plants. Pachysandra is commonly sold in flats of 24, so you would need seven flats of plants to fill the bed on 8-inch planting centers.

When should pachysandra be planted?

When to Plant Pachysandra Pachysandra should be planted in the early spring or early fall. It most commonly thrives in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 9, depending on the variety. Pachysandra prefers full shade and deepens in color when it’s out of the harsh sunlight.

Are pachysandra poisonous to dogs?

Pachysandra contains no toxic substances and poses no danger for pets and children, according to the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. Similarly, the plant is not included on the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ list of toxic plants.

How do you encourage pachysandra to spread?

The plant actually spreads by underground runners, and it is true that a light shearing or pinching in early spring can encourage the plants to send up more runners and thus thicken the planting faster. This can be done by hand or in some cases with a lawn mower.

Is Miracle Grow good for pachysandra?

Do not use Miracle Grow. Miracle Grow is a high nitrogen, quick release fertilizer that has a lot of salts in it. Over time, the salts in Miracle Grow cause the pH of the soil to go down (become more acidic) which will eventually affect the growth of the plants. Pachysandra does not like dry soil.

Should you rake leaves out of pachysandra?

In areas where the pachysandra appears to be thin, try raking off the leaf cover to reveal the spaghetti-like root system underneath. This uncovering may be all that is needed to free the pachysandra and encourage it to grow. The raked-off leaves should not be considered garden waste either.

What size is a flat of ground cover?

Most standard nursery flats, called “standard 1020s,” measure about 21 inches long by 9 1/2 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches deep on the outside. The number of flowers or other plants in a flat can vary according to the size of the plants or the pots in which they’re planted.

How many sq ft does a flat of annuals cover?

Since you know that your plants are available in 36 plants per flat you also know that at this spacing one flat of plants will cover 9 square feet.

Can pachysandra take full sun?

Pachysandra, sometimes known as Japanese spurge (Pachysandra terminalis), hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9, is a low-growing evergreen groundcover. The plants work best in part to full shade and can suffer leaf burn or sun scald if they are exposed to too much light.

Where to plant Pachysandra?

Pachysandra is a favorite ground cover plant in hard-to-plant areas such as under trees, or in shady areas with poor or acidic soil. Unlike other plants, pachysandra ground cover does not mind competing for its nutrients, and growing pachysandra plants is easy if you have an abundance of shade in your landscape.

How far apart to plant Pachysandra?

Place the Pachysandra plants 8 to 12 inches apart at the planting site for ideal ground cover. Note that pachysandra will grow even if the plants are crowded together or spaced farther apart.

Is Pachysandra deer resistant?

Pachysandra is a low-maintenance, evergreen ground cover that spreads quickly. Its leaves are a lighter shade of green than most evergreens, and it blooms with sweet, subtle white flowers in early spring. It is deer and rabbit resistant and can survive a drought.