How much money did airlines get from stimulus?

Airlines, Airports The bill allocates $14 billion for eligible airlines and $1 billion for contractors to the air carriers to extend a payroll support program set to run out on March 31. The legislation also includes $8 billion for airports to make changes to facilities or personnel to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Did airlines get stimulus money?

Last March, Congress provided passenger airlines $25 billion in loans and another $25 billion in payroll grants. It renewed the payroll funding in December with a further $15 billion and again this week.

Did the US bail out airlines?

U.S. airlines furloughed more than 32,000 workers in October, after a six-month $25 billion bailout measure expired on Sept. Airline workers will be paid retroactive to Dec. 1 and airlines will have to resume flying some routes they stopped after the aid package expired, congressional aides briefed on the talks said.

How much money did Delta get from the government?

Delta Air Lines said it expects to receive $2.9 billion in total aid this round, with $830 million in the form of an unsecured loan. The airline said it received the first installment of $1.4 billion on Friday.

Which airlines took the government bailout?

The campaign also included leaders from Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, SkyWest Airlines and Southwest Airlines — all with their hands extended. The flight attendant and pilot unions were also part of the lobbying.

How much did Delta Airlines get in Covid relief?

Delta Air Lines was able to avoid a quarterly revenue loss of $678 million with $1.5 billion in federal pandemic relief, the Associated Press reported. This was the first quarterly profit reported by the airline since the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the industry in 2020.

Do airlines have to pay back the bailout money?

The payroll support is split between 70% outright funding airlines do not need to pay back, and 30% low-interest loans.

Which airline is the safest investment?

Of the major American carriers, Southwest is the safest investment of the airline stocks. The company has two predominant strengths over its rivals. First, it has the best credit rating of the major American carriers.