Is Gerber as good as Leatherman?

Compared to Gerber, Leatherman has a slight edge in fit and finish over Gerber, but Gerber wins with its lifetime warranty. Both have similar tools that resemble each other. This section will look at the top-selling products from both companies, helping consumers narrow down their choices between Leatherman and Gerber.

Is the Leatherman rebar worth it?

If you fit the above description, using your multi-tool predominantly for the pliers and wire cutters, the Rebar is an excellent choice. For “every day carry” in which you want more general purpose tools like scissors and will use the blade a lot, our Best Buy Leatherman Wingman is surely a better value.

Are Gerber multitools any good?

Gerber realized they could produce a quality product for a fraction of what other tools cost. The Gerber Suspension was also designed to be strong, yet lightweight. Far too many multitools on the market have too much weight to them. A lifetime warranty is also included, and this is a good sign of any quality product.

Which Gerber multitool is best?

Be a Tool: 5 Best-Selling Gerber Multi Tools for Serious…

  1. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool.
  2. Gerber Dime Multi-Tool.
  3. Gerber Crucial Multi-Tool.
  4. Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier.
  5. Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool.

What is the most useful Leatherman?

Leatherman Wave Plus
The Leatherman Wave Plus is the most sold Leatherman multi-tool by far. We understand why. It has practically all tools you could need on a daily basis and with the available accessories you can easily make it even more versatile. It offers the famous Leatherman quality for a great price.

What is the best multitool to buy?

Our pick: Leatherman Skeletool CX. Photo: Doug Mahoney. Our pick.

  • Runner-up: Leatherman Skeletool. Photo: Doug Mahoney. Runner-up.
  • Also great: Leatherman Free P2. Photo: Doug Mahoney. Also great.
  • Also great: SOG PowerAccess Deluxe. Photo: Doug Mahoney. Also great.
  • Also great: Gerber Dime. Photo: Doug Mahoney. Also great.
  • What is the best Leatherman ever made?


    1. Leatherman FREE P4. If you’ve ever handled a Leatherman multi-tool you know how they can be difficult to open when both of your hands aren’t available.
    2. Leatherman FREE T4. Like the Leatherman Free P4, the T4 is designed to be opened with one hand.
    3. Leatherman Squirt PS4.
    4. Leatherman Wave Plus.

    Which is the best multi tool Gerber or Leatherman?

    In the battle for cheapest multi-tool, the battle rages on between Gerber vs Leatherman. The cheapest Gerber tool has a bottle opener and 9 other useful tools that include a file, pliers, knives, and more. The Leatherman’s cheapest multi-tool includes a knife, scissors, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, tweezers, a nail file, and a bottle opener.

    Which is better Gerber suspension or Leatherman suspension?

    The spring loaded pliers hold it open just a little too wide for comfort. This also makes it difficult to get a firm grip and really torque down on a bolt. Leatherman wins here as well. The Wingman is only marginally more expensive than the Gerber Suspension but it feels like a much nicer multi tool. We love keychain multi tools.

    Which is better the Leatherman Wave or the Gerber?

    As the most popular Leatherman product, the Wave is one you will find in many packs, toolkits, and pockets around the world. With this choice, you’d be in good company. The benefits of the Wave when compared to the Gerber, is in the position the tools are mounted.

    How big is a Gerber brewzer compared to a Leatherman shard?

    We’ve covered a lot of one piece tools in this category before, but we would be remiss not to compare Gerber and Leatherman’s single piece offerings, the Leatherman Brewzer and the Gerber Shard. Both tools are tiny, the Brewzer is just under 2.5 in and weighs less than an ounce, while the Shard is 2.75 in and .6 oz.