Is Metroplex stronger than Trypticon?

Metroplex. Metroplex is a City sized Transformer in both the cartoon and comic book continuities with an immense amount of strength and firepower. Metroplex is often the only being strong enough to deal with giant Transformers such as Trypticon seems to be often ranked as the most powerful Autobot there is.

Is Metroplex bigger than Fortress Maximus?

Metroplex, he’s a sizeable chunk of a cybertronian sized city. Fortress Maximus is big but he’s Omega Supreme big.

What happened Metroplex?

Metroplex had been lying dormant in what would become Autobot City for thousands of years, and inadvertently became a part of the battlefield when Megatron attacked the Ark.

Where does Trypticon appear in Transformers Scramble City?

Trypticon appeared in the noncanonical Japanese continuity of G1 Transformers OVA Scramble City, appearing in the OVA’s ending after Metroplex aided Superion & Defensor beat Menasor & Bruticus, preparing to battle Metroplex.

Who is Trypticon in Transformers Generation 1 continuity?

Trypticon is a Decepticon Titan from the Generation 1 continuity family. Oh no, there goes Tokyo, Go go Godzilla, yeah. Enormous in both size and power, Trypticon is an unstoppable engine of destruction.

Who is the only Autobot who can stop Trypticon?

The only Autobot who can go toe-to-toe with him is Metroplex, and there is a great rivalry between the two cities—though their battles almost always end with Trypticon getting hurled into water . Trypticon cannot be stopped! Nothing can stand in my way!

What kind of weapon is Trypticon the Decepticon?

Trypticon is a colossal Godzilla -like Decepticon & the groups’ most strongest weapon ever known. He has 3 modes, consisting of his Godzilla-like robot mode, a city & a mobile battle station. Though a ruthless killer who enjoyed his battles well, he doubts whether if his allegiance to the Decepticons is indeed right.