What are the poems in the Appendix Vergiliana?

The Appendix Vergiliana is a collection of poems traditionally ascribed as juvenilia of Virgil. Many were considered works of Virgil in antiquity, but it seems that they comprise a diverse collection of minor poems by various authors from the 1st century AD. A mosaic of Virgil and two Muses.

Who are the authors of the appendix of Virgil?

It was in this form that authors like Tasso and Spenser probably encountered Virgil, and a judicious estimate of Virgil’s influence on these poets cannot but take the Appendix into account. These are not immortal poems, but they do deserve a wider audience than they have had in this century.

Is it true that Virgil wrote the Vergiliana?

The authorship of these poems is disputed, and modern scholarship has in consequence tended to discount them. Whether or no Virgil wrote them, however, they remain valuable for students of the poet’s reception.

Is the Elegiae in Maecenatem by Virgil?

The Elegiae in Maecenatem cannot possibly be by Virgil, as Maecenas died eleven years after Virgil in 8 BC. The poems are all probably by different authors, except for the Lydia and Dirae which may have a common author, and have been given various, nebulous dates within the 1st century AD.

Where can I find the appendix of Virgil?

The Appendix was usually included in early printed editions of the poet’s works, frequently accompanied by the commentaries of Iodocus Badius Ascensius and Domitius Calderinus.

How is Scylla transformed into the ciris bird?

The city falls and Scylla, lamenting Minos’ refusal to marry her, is taken prisoner on the Cretan ships which sail around Attica. The poet describes her metamorphosis in detail; by the pitying Amphitrite she is transformed into the ciris bird, supposedly from the Greek keirein (“cut”).