What are TI flex glasses?

The featherlight glasses are designed in a black finish with a low profile that is gender neutral. The attached nose pads flex to adjust to your nose and a soft rubber padding on the nose pads and temples provides the wearer all-day comfort.

Are titanium glasses bendable?

Titanium is the only metallic frame which covers all the necessities an ideal frame must hold. Titanium is a silver-grey colour bright metal which is corrosion-resistant, highest density, extremely strong, hypoallergenic, durable, fashionable, lightweight and exceptionally flexible among all the eyeglass frames.

Who makes Titanflex?

Masculine design, robust and a perfect fit – TITANFLEX by Eschenbach is the benchmark for performance eyewear. From everyday wear to the sporty adventurous extreme. TITANFLEX eyewear stands firm.

Are Titanflex frames titanium?

TITANFLEX Selection – Gentlemen like An unexpected selection concept for the discerning and tech-savvy built with high-quality titanium, robust TITANFLEX and hardy T15 plastic. The cool eyebrow shape with an attractive 1960s feel refines this classy look with assurance.

Do titanium glasses frames break?

Titanium is a super-light, durable and stable metal that makes it ideal for spectacle frames. It is corrosive resistant – perfect for people who live around salt water or have a skin acidity type that is very high. However titanium can still break, and that probably is the reason you are visiting this site.

Why are titanium glasses so expensive?

Why the Titanium eyewear is expensive? The production of titanium eyewear requires special processing equipment, special welding technology and electroplating technology, many high difficult and different processes with normal metal eyewear, so it with high production costs.

Can titanium frames be fixed?

Titanium was introduced to eyewear in the 20th century. Titanium is also a low density metal which allows for very durable eyeglasses and sunglasses. However nothing is unbreakable and unfortunately titanium is no exception. The good news is that titanium eyeglasses and sunglasses can be successfully repaired.

How long do titanium frames last?

Carbon and titanium bike frames will last the longest with proper care, with some even outlasting their riders. Aluminum and steel bike frames should easily last 6 years but will require regular maintenance to keep them running any longer than 10 years.

What kind of lenses are in flexible titanium glasses?

Our Flexible Titanium Glasses Frames come standard with thin featherweight polycarbonate Rx lenses, polished edges, scratch-resistant coating and UV protection. * These flexible glasses frames are available with Progressive lenses.

What are the different types of TITANflex lenses?

A newly created combination of TITANFLEX, stainless steel and nylon-encased HD acetate provides a modern look with the same proven toughness. Trendy lens shapes underline your personality – with flexible temples and bridges offering space for expression.

Where can I buy TITANflex prescription glasses online?

TITANflex delivers maximum comfort through optimum fit. CoolFrames Designer Eyewear Boutique is an authorized TITANflex online retailer. All frames are guaranteed to be defect-free and authentic. We will replace any defective or damaged items to ensure 100% satisfaction.

How much does it cost to get Trivex lenses?

Trivex lenses, in contrast, start around $200 for single-vision lenses. Progressive lenses for multifocal vision needs are $400 to start. This does not include the cost of frames or filters like transition lenses or anti-reflective coatings. If you choose Trivex lenses and get some add-ons, your total bill can quickly rise.