What car does sebastien Ogier drive?


Season Title Car
2016 World Rally Championship Volkswagen Polo R WRC
2017 World Rally Championship Ford Fiesta WRC
2018 World Rally Championship Ford Fiesta WRC
2020 World Rally Championship Toyota Yaris WRC

How many times has sebastien Ogier won Rally gb?

JULIEN INGRASSIA Working with Sébastien Ogier, he became World Rally Champion in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 with Volkswagen Motorsport, and 2017 …

Where is Sebastian Ogier from?

Gap, France
Sébastien Ogier/Place of birth

How old is Sebastian Ogier?

37 years (17 December 1983)
Sébastien Ogier/Age

How much money do WRC drivers make?

A website (Rally Sports) revealed salary of the driver according to them he earn $1.5 million each year….WRC Drivers Annual Salaries 2020 (Per Race Fees)

TEAMS Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT

Which car won the Kenya Safari Rally?

SS18: Ogier wins Safari Rally Kenya

Pos. Driver Time
1. Ogier 3hr 18min 11.3sec
2. Katsuta +21.8sec
3. Tänak +1min 09.5sec
4. Fourmaux +1min 44.7sec

Who won Naivasha Rally 2021?

Sébastien Ogier
Sébastien Ogier leads Safari Rally Kenya by 8.3sec with just one stage remaining.

How much do WRC drivers earn?

What does Ogier mean?

French: from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements aud ‘wealth’ + gar, ger ‘spear’. This is a cognate of English Edgar. Polish: nickname from ogier ‘stallion’, ‘stud horse’.

What kind of car does Sebastien Ogier drive?

After a cautious start at his home event, the Tour de Corse, Ogier clinched the Junior world champion title by placing second. After winning the JWRC title, Ogier was rewarded with his first World Rally Car drive in a Citroën C4 for Rally GB.

When did Sebastien Ogier start his rally career?

Ogier’s rally career began in 2005 when he won the French Federation’s Rallye Jeunes and was rewarded with a place in the Peugeot 206 Cup for the following season. Teamed with co-driver Julien Ingrassia, he claimed a podium at Terre des Cardabelles and sixth place in the championship along with the Best Rookie award.

When did Sebastien Ogier win the Peugeot 206 Cup?

In 2007, Ogier won the Peugeot 206 Cup with four victories (Diois, Langres, Causses, Touquet) and two second places (Alsace-Vosges, Limousin). He also won the Rallye Hivernal des Hautes-Alpes. In April 2007, he took part in his first regional rally (Rallye du Quercy) placing third overall in a Peugeot 206 XS.

Who is replacing Sebastien Ogier in the factory team?

Given his solid results, his team spirit and Dani Sordo ’s disappointing performances, Citroën promoted Ogier to the factory team for the remaining three gravel rounds of the season. Subsequently, Sordo replaced Ogier in the manufacturer’s junior team.