What Colour is 3N?

Dark Brown
3N Dark Brown Permanent Creme Hair Color.

How do you use satin hair color and developer?

Mix one part color to two parts developer in a non-metal container. Apply the mixture first near the nape of the neck and other spots where hair is darkest. Then, move on to the rest of the hair except the roots. After the formula has been on your hair for 20 minutes, you can apply color to the roots.

What color is 5N Satin?

Light Brown
SATIN Hair Color Natural Series 5N Light Brown 3 oz (Model: SAT2054)

What color is 2N?

Darkest Brown
2N Darkest Brown Permanent Creme Hair Color.

Which is darker 3N or 4N hair color?

There are nine distinct colors in the series including 1N (Very black), 2N (Black), 3N (Dark Natural Brown), 4N (Medium Natural Brown), 5N (Light Natural Brown), 6N (Dark Natural Blond), 7N (Medium Natural Blonde), 8N (Light Natural Blond), and 10N (Lightest Natural Blond).

How do you cover GREY with satin?

Satin Cover Grey

  1. First Time Application for hair that has never been colored: Mix 1 oz. Satin Cream Hair Color with 2 oz.
  2. Retouch Application: Mix 1 oz. Satin Cream Hair Color with 2 oz.
  3. For Gray Coverage: Make sure to leave the color on the regrowth area for a full 45 minutes for optimum grey coverage.

What is the color satin?

Satin finishes have a beautiful luster that is often described as appearing velvety. Satin has a slightly higher sheen than eggshell, meaning that it is more reflective and more durable. APPEARANCE: While satin finishes do have a degree of luster, they are more commonly described as a glow than a shine.

Will 10 vol lighten hair?

The 10 volume developer is a standard oxidizing level for permanent, no-lift hair color. The 30 volume developer also works like 20 volume, but it will lighten the hair’s original color by two to three and is more efficient when the desired color is no more than two levels lighter than the original color.

What’s the darkest brown hair dye?

Garnier Olia shade 3.0, “Darkest Brown,” is a natural, deep brown shade that provides 100% gray coverage. It is best for anyone with natural hair between light brown and black. If you prefer a lighter color that still reflects naturally, try shade 4.0, “Dark Brown.”

How long do I leave age beautiful hair color on?

30 minutes
30 minutes for regular application. 45 minutes for 50% or more gray hair. Rinse, shampoo, and condition. (We recommend AGEbeautiful shampoo, conditioner, and styling products for the most beautiful results.)