What do I do with the relic in the midden?

The bits of evidence recovered from the scene can be found in the Investigator’s Chest (master lock) inside the Arcanaeum. Upon retrieving the rings from the chest, the Dragonborn can return the rings to the relic to summon the Daedra trapped within.

What is the hand in the dark midden?

In the Midden Dark, the hero will encounter the Midden Dark Daedric hand relic. This hand relic has five fingers. The hero is allowed to place rings on four of them. To the right of the relic, there is a key lying on a table….How to Solve the Daedric Relic Puzzle.

Rings Fingers
Pithi’s Ring Little Finger

How do you activate the relic ring finger in Skyrim?

Place the rings on the gauntlet by activating each finger as follows:

  1. Index Finger: Katarina’s Ring.
  2. Middle Finger: Treoy’s Ring.
  3. Ring Finger: Balwen’s Ring.
  4. Little Finger: Pithiken’s Ring.

Where is the ghost of old Hroldan?

Tiber Septim’s room
The Ghost of Old Hroldan He spawns only after sleeping in Tiber Septim’s room. After resting in the room, and upon waking, a scream followed by a summoning sound will be heard. This sound means he has spawned in the Inn.

Where do you get the ring for the Daedric hand?

The rings mentioned can be found in a locked chest, located in the Arcanaeum. The player can use the provided key or pick the lock in order to obtain the four ornamental rings: Pithi’s Ring, Treoy’s Ring, Balwen’s Ring, and Katarina’s Ring. Once you have obtained the rings, return to the gauntlet in the Midden Dark.

Where is Velehk Sain’s map lead to?

The Midden Dark under the College of Winterhold, in the circular room with the metal gauntlet on the table after you release Velehk Sain, a Dremora pirate. He will give you the treasure map, which will allow you to find his hidden treasure.

What goes on the pedestal in the midden?

It refers to other Atronach Forge Recipes scattered about Skyrim. Having a Conjuration skill of 90 will allow the Conjuration Ritual Spell quest from Phinis Gestor to be started, which will result in you obtaining a Sigil Stone, which can be placed on the pedestal of the Atronach Forge.

How do I start the ghost of old Hroldan?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Sleep at the Old Hroldan Inn.
  2. Speak to the ghost that appears.
  3. Speak with Eydis.
  4. Go to the random dungeon and recover Hjalti’s Sword.
  5. Return the sword to the ghost for free training in One-handed and Block.