What do you learn in US history to 1877?

The field of American History to 1877 provides students an opportunity to explore the social, economic, cultural, political, military, and legal history of the first contacts between native Americans, Europeans, and Africans, the founding and development of the North American colonies, the American Revolution, the …

What are the three most important events in American history since 1877 and why?

Oct 22, 1879. Invention of the Light Bulb.

  • Jul 4, 1902. American Occupation of the Phillipines.
  • Dec 1, 1913. Henry Ford and the Asembly Line.
  • Jan 12, 1915. Nineteenth Amendment.
  • Jun 28, 1919. Treaty of Versailles (1919)
  • Oct 29, 1929. Black Tuesday.
  • Sep 18, 1931. Invasion of Manchuria by Japan.
  • Mar 4, 1933. Roosevelt get elected.
  • Why is 1877 important in U.S. history?

    The Compromise of 1877 was an unwritten deal, informally arranged among United States Congressmen, that settled the intensely disputed 1876 presidential election. It resulted in the United States federal government pulling the last troops out of the South, and ending the Reconstruction Era.

    What was happening in 1877?

    January 8 – Indian Wars – Battle of Wolf Mountain: Crazy Horse and his warriors fight their last battle with the United States Cavalry in Montana. March 2 – In the Compromise of 1877, the U.S. presidential election, 1876 is resolved with the selection of Rutherford B. Hayes as the winner, even though Samuel J.

    Why was 1877 a turning point?

    The removal of the federal soldiers from the streets and from statehouse offices signaled the end of the Republican Party’s commitment to protecting the civil and political rights of African Americans, and marked a major political turning point in American history: it ended Reconstruction.

    What was happening 1877?

    What grade do you take U.S. history 1?

    You can satisfy the American History requirement for graduation by completing any of the following classes; AP US History (11th or 12th grade), American Studies (10th or 11th), American Society –Block (10th only), or U.S. History Traditional (11th only). Which class should I take?

    What is covered in U.S. history 1?

    U.S. History 1 curriculum topics should include:

    • Voyages of Columbus and the relationship between the explorers and the American Indians.
    • Colonization, the different colonies, and colonial life.
    • The Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary war, the constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    What major events happened in 1901?


    • January 10: Oil in Texas.
    • March 4: Theodore Roosevelt becomes the 25th U.S. Vice President.
    • May 3: The Great Fire of 1901 in Jacksonville begins.
    • September 6: President McKinley is shot.
    • September 14: “Teddy” Roosevelt succeeds McKinley as the 26th U.S. President.