What do you write in a field note?

Include any unanswered questions or concerns that have arisen from analyzing the observation data. Clarify points and/or correct mistakes and misunderstandings in other parts of field notes. Include insights about what you have observed and speculate as to why you believe specific phenomenon occurred.

Are field notes durable?

As durable as this tiny notebook is, it’s still susceptible to normal wear and tear—especially if you’re constantly tossing it into different bags and backpacks. To make your Field Notes Memo Book last longer, we suggest keeping it tucked away in a separate pocket of your tote or backpack, if possible.

What are the two types of Field Notes?

There are many ways to take field notes, often depending on the system and comfort of the person doing the fieldwork, but there are generally two ways or parts in which to record field notes: descriptive and reflective.

Are Field Notes subscriptions worth it?

From a purely monetary standpoint, the COLORS Subscription is a good value. With a subscription purchase, you receive two three-packs shipped to you every season plus the initial stock edition for a once-a-year charge of $97. If you were to purchase the same orders each season, your total would come out to around $125.

What can field notes be used for?

Fieldnotes refer to qualitative notes recorded by scientists or researchers in the course of field research, during or after their observation of a specific organism or phenomenon they are studying. The notes are intended to be read as evidence that gives meaning and aids in the understanding of the phenomenon.

Are field notes subscriptions worth it?

What are field notes used for?

Field notes are intended to be read by the researcher as evidence to produce meaning and an understanding of the culture, social situation, or phenomenon being studied.

Which is the best water proof field notebook?

The indestructible, Waterproof, Tear-proof, Weatherproof Field Notebook is convenient and functional; it is waterproof, tear-proof, and weatherproof, indestructible and ideal for any weather condition. It comes in four-packs, each of which contains 192 pages (24 sheets in total).

How big should a waterproof note pad be?

Pages measure 3 1/2″ wide by 5 1/4″ high and are lightly ruled with gray lines spaced about 1/4 inch apart. Carry one in your pack, pocket, purse, boat, car or field bag. The synthetic waterproof paper will keep your notes legible in any weather.

What kind of notes can you write on weatherproof paper?

The weatherproof paper will keep your notes legible in any weather. Each notebook contains 50 sheets that are 3″ x 5″. Lightly ruled in blue with a 1/4″ grid pattern if you want to make a sketch or a graph. Write with a pencil or a standard ballpoint pen (medium width) for best results.

What makes a hip pocket notepad waterproof?

Called the “Hip Pocket” notepad because it is too big to fit in your shirt pocket but just right to fit in the hip pocket of your jeans. Durable polyethylene cover and weatherproof paper will keep your notes legible in any weather. Fifty sheets with 1/4″ rule lines and a light grid pattern are in each spiral-bound book.