What does the saying bibs and bobs mean?

phrase. Bits and bobs are small objects or parts of something. [mainly British, informal] The microscope contains a few hundred dollars-worth of electronic bits and bobs.

Do Americans say bits and bobs?

The commonly known US phrase ‘odds and ends’ comes in handy during a quick trip, but this idiom has a British brother: bits and bobs. Derived from the words bit (coin) and bob (shilling), bits and bobs can also be used in place of ‘bits and pieces.

Where did the expression bits and bobs come from?

Bits and Bobs also is English slang for a collection of small items too numerous or varied to name individually. It originated from carpenters’ tool kits containing parts for a drill, with bits used for making holes while bobs are routing or screwdriving drill attachments.

What are bobs in the UK?

A ‘bob’ is slang term for a shilling. (For instance, a 10-shilling note can be referred to as a ten bob note.) Confusingly, a shilling is twelve pence (or 12p), or 1/20th of a pound sterling.

What are bits and bobs food?

bits and pieces (or bobs) an assortment of small or unspecified items.

What does bits stand for?


Acronym Definition
BITS Bit Set
BITS Business Information Technology Society
BITS Building on It Strenghts
BITS Bug in the System

What do Americans call Bogrolls?

toilet paper
She got around to sending it to me last week. The reason she sent to to me, of course, was the term “bog roll”–what Americans would universally refer to as “toilet paper.” (“CHRM” refers to the brand, Charmin.)

Do Americans say brolly?

7 | brolly (96% British / 24% American) The British term for an umbrella. Interesting Fact: The old-timey American slang term for umbrella was “bumbershoot.” But we managed to wisely eradicate that term; the British are still rolling with “brolly.”

What does it mean dribs and drabs?

informal. : small amounts that come or happen over a period of time They received donations in dribs and drabs.

Is Soniqs bob a girl?

Bob “Bob” Tran is an Australian player who currently plays for Susquehanna Soniqs.

How do you use bits and bobs in a sentence?

: things or objects of different kinds There are just a few bits and bobs of furniture in the office. No one knows exactly what happened. All we have is a few bits and bobs of information so far.

What does it mean when someone says bibs and Bobs?

It means the same as “odds and ends”, which means “bits and pieces, remnants, leftovers”. A “bit” was a coin (three-penny bit) and a “bob” was a shilling or twelve pence. Wiktionary has a page for bits and bobs as well.

What are the different types of bits and Bobs?

1. The sharp part of a tool, such as the cutting edge of a knife or axe. 2. A pointed and threaded tool for drilling and boring that is secured in a brace, bitstock, or drill press. 3. The part of a key that enters the lock and engages the bolt and tumblers. 4. The tip of the mouthpiece on a pipe or a cigarette or cigar holder. 5.

What does Partridge mean by ” bits and Bobs “?

Partridge only mentions “bits and bobs” — twice, actually —, but doesn’t provide etymology. Several theories can be found here. – RegDwigнt ♦ Nov 11 ’10 at 19:12 There’s also “dribs and drabs”, referring to random small amounts. – Hot Licks Oct 14 ’16 at 0:22 I believe the original version of this idiom is “bits and bobs”.