What happened Matt McAndrew?

Matt McAndrew found himself in the spotlight on NBC’s “The Voice,” and now, he fronts Los Angeles rockers Slaves. Los Angeles’ Slaves recently released their new album, “To Better Days,” and the set marks a new chapter for the band.

What happened to Raine Stern on The Voice?

Madison-area singer Raine Stern lost her knockout round on NBC’s “The Voice,” which aired Monday night, with coach Nick Jonas saying it was a tough decision.

Are The Voice auditions really blind?

User @Rockitlikearedhead, who claimed to be a former contestant on The Voice, chimed in. “Before entering you have three blind auditions and a recording session with the producer,” they wrote (via BuzzFeed). “On TV they use the version you sang at the blind audition, but they auto-tune it,” the Redditor continued.

Who plays the guitar on The Voice?

Justin Derrico
On Monday night’s episode, a few eagle-eyed fans noticed something interesting about one of the musicians that many people may not realize. One of the lead guitarists, Justin Derrico, has a strong connection to a very famous artist: P! nk. Justin, who has played guitar on The Voice for years, has also been part of P!

Did Matt McAndrew win The Voice?

A well-earned McAndrew win may have been thwarted by vote-splitting between the three Team Adam artists in that finale, with him ultimately claiming the runner-up spot behind Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd.

Where is Matt McAndrew from?

Barnegat Light, New Jersey, United States
Matt McAndrew/Place of birth

Who is the girl from Madison WI on The Voice?

contestant Raine Stern
MADISON, Wis. — A Madison woman using her vocal talents to belt it out on this season of NBC’s “The Voice.” Raine Stern, who is 22-years-old, was chosen out of thousands of entries to compete amongst the best in the country.

Is the girl from Madison WI still on The Voice?

Madison-area singer Raine Stern gets knocked out of NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Stern lost her knockout round on NBC’s “The Voice,” which aired Monday night, with coach Nick Jonas saying it was a tough decision. “I’m kind of mind-blown right now and getting emotional,” Raine Stern said after beating her competitor.

How much money does The Voice make?

Given that NBC always airs two seasons of The Voice per year, Blake Shelton makes $26 million a year to appear on the show.

Is Pink’s guitarist on The Voice?

Currently, Justin still tours with Pink and is a member of the backing band on NBC’s The Voice.

Who is the most famous blind guitar player?

Probably, one of the most famous blind guitar players is Jeff Healey, a Canadian jazz and blues-rock vocalist and guitar player. Healey started playing guitar at the age of three and later developed his unique style of playing the instrument placed flat on his lap.

Who was the blind singer in the 40’S?

Blind “Willie” McTell (1898 – 1959) – Blind He was a Black American born blind and attended the Georgia School for the Blind. He was a singer/songwriter of the blues and Gospel. In 1940, the beginning of the Electrofied Era, he made a series of recordings for the Library of Congress. He made other recordings in 40’s and 50’s for record companies.

Who is the blind pianist in the world?

Ronnie Milsap. In general, blind musicians seem to be jazz or blues musicians, so this American country musician and pianist is a strange exception. He was born in 1943, in Robbinsville, North Carolina along with a congenital disorder which made him completely blind at birth.

Who is the blind singer in country music?

Ronnie Milsap is a pianist and singer, well known for his ability to appeal to both country music and pop fans. A native of North Carolina, Milsap was born almost completely blind due to a congenital disorder. During a very challenging childhood, Milsap developed a love for music.