What happens to Bethany If you side with the Templars?

Once you choose a side, a fight ensues with either the mages or the templars that are present. If Bethany or Carver are present, they will leave and will be available to rejoin the party prior to the final battle if they are on the same side as you.

What did Hawke do with Emile?

What did Hawke do with Emile? Meredith asks Hawke to track down three apostates using unsubtle threats about Hawke (if Hawke is a mage) or Bethany. Eventually, Hawke locates Emile de Launcet in The Hanged Man, and the escaped Mage admits he lied about being a blood mage to make him more attractive to women.

How many endings does Dragon Age 2 have?

There are four possible endings. The Warden kills the Archdemon and dies; you get a series of slides about how your death affects your companions.

What happens if you don’t take Bethany to the Deep Roads?

You’ll lose Bethany after Act 1 no matter what you do, if you don’t take her to the Deep Roads she gets taken by the Circle, if you take her she either dies or, if you have Anders with you, gets made into a Grey Warden, the Grey Warden seems to be the best choice since that’s the only way she’ll end up rejoining you …

Should I support the mages or templars?

If Hawke helps to the Templars, many mages slaughtered, even if Hawke can convince Meredith to spare some lives. Whatever is Hawke’s decision, more Templars arrive in Kirkwall, so: helping Mages is the better choice because Hawke can help to escape to more mages, and can give more hope the other mages in the Circles.

Is there a way to save your mother in Dragon Age 2?

No matter which option you choose (with Gascard’s help or without), there is no way to save your mother from her unfortunate fate.

How many endings does Dragon Age Inquisition have?

There are “a few completely unique endings” with variations. Dragon Age: Inquisition having “40 major endings with variations” sounded a little excessive when producer Cameron Lee mentioned it last week.

How do you frame a Templar in Dragon Age?

Take the scroll to the dockworker across the courtyard and speak with him. Enter the Hanged Man during the daytime and talk to the templar, Ser Roderick, immediately to your left as you enter, proceeding with the appropriate dialogue options. Whatever lie you tell him about Vernhart, he goes to report it.

What are the talents of a Templar specialist?

The templar specialist’s talents are focused on anti-magic combat. It takes incredible focus to wield magic, but even greater will to withstand it. The Templar specialization originated in the Chantry with the establishment of the order, and their mandate remains the restriction and containment of mages.

Who is the Hanged Man in Dragon Age?

Other than speaking with Ser Roderick in the Hanged Man, which indeed is in Lowtown, there’s nothing more to be found there. Ser Conrad Vernhart’s name is a reference to the character Conrad Verner from BioWare’s Mass Effect series.

Who is the Keeper of the alienage in Dragon Age?

A party of Isabela, Aveline, and Sebastian allows all three of them to speak. Keeper Marethari arrives in the Alienage to a great deal of solemnity and deference from the Alienage residents, after which she, Arianni, and Hawke’s entourage enter Arianni’s home.