What is DJ Akademiks job?

DJ Akademiks/Professions

Is akademiks a real DJ?

DJ Akademiks (aka the Negrotiator aka Lil AK) is a Jamaican-born American YouTuber, rapper, DJ, and social media personality. He’s known for his video commentary on the latest hip-hop news and gossip. DJ Akademiks was born Livingston Allen on May 17, 1991, in St. Catherine, Jamaica.

What is DJ Akademiks real name?

Livingston Allen
DJ Akademiks/Full name

Dj Akademiks name is probably on many people’s minds especially those that are keen with following the latest in the entertainment industry. Dj Akademiks real name is Livingston Allen. Apart from being an excellent artist, he is one fabulous entertainer that will have you hooked to the latest rap and gist.

What happened to akademiks?

Last November, our guy Star confirmed Akademiks was fired from Complex and did not quit; after exposing paperwork in a show, he went viral for. We still did find that odd, even after Akademiks put faith in the that popular platform after turning down a show with Buddens on REVOLT TV.

Why is DJ akademiks famous?

Despite your opinions on his taste in music, his drive to cover so much in hip hop made him into the star we seem today. His main channel as of present has gained an impressive 1.5 million subscribers. For a youtuber who is covering hip hop news that in itself is a massive achievement.

Why is DJ Akademiks famous?

Why DJ akademiks got fired?

DJ Akademiks claims he’s been fired by Complex and banned for life by Twitch. Following the Teigen remarks, it was reported that Akademiks had been suspended by both Twitch and Complex. In Akademiks’ latest Instagram post, he is claiming that he was fired by Complex and perma-banned by Twitch.

Who are the artists that Tyga has collaborated with?

He was first featured on the song ” Bedrock ” by Young Money soon after signing to the label. He later released the mixtape Fan of a Fan with singer Chris Brown and producers DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar. It features other artists such as Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, and Kevin McCall featured in several tracks.

When did DJ Akademiks come to the US?

Along with the 2.3 million subscribers he has earned on his DJ Akademiks channel, he has accumulated huge subscriber counts on his The Negrotiator aka DJ Akademiks, LateNightCreepVids, The War In Chiraq, King Akademiks and Crime Fails side channels. He arrived in the United States from Spanish Town, Jamaica around 2001.

Who is the girlfriend of DJ Akademiks?

DJ Akademiks is very picky about what he reveals about his personal life. But being the celebrity that he is, he sometimes likes to flex his girlfriend, Angelica! The couple has been together for less than a year now, or so it seems. Angelica is from the Dominican Republic, and she’s a pescatarian who believes in fitness.

What’s the name of DJ Akademiks alter ego?

He announced on Instagram that his alter ego’s rap name would be Lil AK. He also said that he had signed a $6.0 million deal with Atlantic Records for mumble rapping!