What is interest sensitive life insurance?

Interest Sensitive Whole LifeSM is a guaranteed fixed-premium, non-participating permanent life insurance policy with a Guaranteed Minimum Cash Value that increases each year and equals the Face Amount at age 100. The Policy Account Value may be enhanced by additional interest credited at non-guaranteed current rates.

What happens under an interest sensitive whole life policy?

Interest-sensitive whole life insurance provides for guaranteed minimum interest rates and guaranteed minimum cash value, but cash value may accumulate at current interest rates, or have the excess interest used to reduce premiums. Therefore, the amount billed to the insured could change over the life of the policy.

Which insurance policy is interest sensitive?

Current assumption whole life insurance, which is also known as fixed premium universal life or interest-sensitive whole life, is a variation of universal life insurance. It involves fixed premiums and fixed death benefits, and, as in other universal life policies, its growth in cash value depends on market conditions.

Is Variable Life insurance considered interest sensitive?

Variable Life Most types of both traditional and interest sensitive life policies can be purchased on either a fixed-dollar or variable basis. On a fixed-dollar basis, premium, face amount and cash values are specified in dollar amounts.

Which life insurance is not interest sensitive?

whole life insurance
A whole life insurance policy’s cash value is not very interest sensitive.

What are the types of permanent life insurance?

  • Whole or ordinary life. This is the most common type of permanent insurance policy.
  • Universal or adjustable life. This type of policy offers you more flexibility than whole life insurance.
  • Variable life.
  • Variable-universal life.

What is another name for interest sensitive whole life insurance quizlet?

Universal Life is a type of Whole Life insurance and is sometimes referred to on the exam as “interest sensitive” whole life. Universal Life policies have a cash value with a minimum guaranteed interest rate and an excess current interest rate.

What life insurance product is not considered interest sensitive?

A whole life insurance policy’s cash value is not very interest sensitive.

What is interest sensitive?

What Are Interest-Sensitive Assets? Interest sensitive assets are financial products whose features and characteristics or their secondary market price are vulnerable to changes in interest rates. The adjustable-rate mortgage is an example. Banks and their customers both are affected by interest-sensitive assets.

What are the two types of interest rates in a universal life policy?

Minimum Guaranteed Annual Interest Rate – This might be 0% or higher, depending on the insurer. Maximum Annual Interest Rate – The rate of return is tied to the performance of the index, but you’re not actually invested in the index.

What is the most common type of life insurance?

Whole or ordinary life This is the most common type of permanent insurance policy. It offers a death benefit along with a savings account. If you pick this type of life insurance policy, you are agreeing to pay a certain amount in premiums on a regular basis for a specific death benefit.

What are 4 types of whole life policies?

The Four Types of Interest-Sensitive Whole Life

  • Universal. Universal life insurance often is considered the most flexible of all of the whole life varieties that are available.
  • Current Assumption.
  • Excess Interest.
  • Single Premium.

What are some good life insurance policies?

Some of the Best Life Insurance policies for people over 50 Smart Insurance – Smart Guaranteed Life Insurance (Over 30s) Legal & General – Over 50s Life Insurance Plan Sainsbury’s Bank – Over 50s Life Insurance Plan AA – Over 50s Life Insurance Plan Post Office Money – Over 50s Life Cover Sunlife – Guaranteed Over 50 Plan (Capped)

What is interest sensitive whole life policy?

Definition Interest sensitive life insurance is a fairly new type of life insurance policy which is also referred to as current assumptive life policy. It is a fixed premium type of whole life policy that offers guaranteed death benefits to policy holders even until they reach the age of 100.

What is the best term life insurance policy?

– Best Overall: TIAA Life – Most Customizable: New York Life – Honorable Mentions: Amica Life, Transamerica, Lincoln Financial, State Farm

What is the best whole life insurance company?

The Simple Dollar’s top picks for whole life insurance are Guardian, MassMutual, Northwestern Mutual and State Farm. They all sell and underwrite their own whole life insurance policies, have great ratings on financial strength, few customer complaints, and a long history of paying dividends on their policies.