What is spot varnish printing?

A spot varnish is a varnish that is put on only a portion of the page. It can be gloss or dull and is used to highlight or emphasize a photo or text, or can be used as a subtle design element. A spot varnish requires that a special plate be created for the press. It is treated like it is an additional color.

Can you print over spot UV?

Spot UV can be applied over inked images to enhance a printed design. Or, it can be applied directly to the paper substrate to create the design by itself, without the use of any ink. If applied directly to the paper, Spot UV offers the best contrast when applied over a darker substrate.

What does spot varnish mean?

A spot varnish allows you to highlight specific areas of a printed piece and adds shine and depth to specific elements on the page such as a logo or image. Varnishes are also applied on-press, but they are heavier-bodied and can be applied (like inks) to only certain areas (spot varnish).

How do you make a spot varnish?

If you’re creating spot varnish for multiple elements we recommend using a new layer (we call it “spot varnish”) and place all future elements in it. To create varnish choose the symbol left to the „Bin” or click the drop-down menu in the right corner above and choose “New Color Swatch …”

What is UV spot varnish?

Spot UV Varnish is generally a screen printed process where certain areas of a design are ‘picked out’ and the varnish is applied only to these areas – hence ‘spot UV’. A gloss varnish is often applied over pictures or graphics to enhance them, this is especially effective where the background is very matt.

What is spot printing?

Spot color printing is a traditional method where the colors of your design are applied individually in layers, eventually filling in all of the spots in your custom design. Full color printing is a digital method where all ink colors in your design are printed at the same time.

How do you make spot UV?

How to set up a Spot UV Artwork File in Illustrator

  1. First open a new document and set your artboard size.
  2. Now you’ll have four artboards.
  3. Place the back of your design on artboard 2.
  4. Create your Spot UV layer for the front of your business card on Artboard 3.

Can you spot UV on uncoated stock?

Perhaps a slightly controversial comment as I have seen it done before but ideally, Spot UV varnish on uncoated stocks should be avoided. As uncoated stocks are very absorbent in comparison to coated stocks, the very runny varnish is instantly absorbed into the material.

What is a UV spot?

What is Spot UV? Spot UV involves a clear, shiny coating applied to specific areas of artwork to create an eye-catching contrast, making it a luxury choice for business cards or brochure covers. Although it can be applied to the whole card, the ‘Spot’ element of the process is worth mentioning.

How is spot UV done?

‘So, what is Spot UV,’ you may well ask?

  • all the ink layers are laid down;
  • any paper lamination is added;
  • the drying process completed;
  • then the Spot UV is printed on top of the paper, as a clear gloss, and.
  • finally, dried to produce the finished result.

Which is the best description of spot varnish?

A varnish is a clear, glossy or matte ink that is applied on top of a printed surface or packaging comp. Spot varnishing is the selective application of a varnish to certain areas, which creates a unique textural and visual effect. Spot varnishing can often be found on food packaging, where it’s used to highlight…

Which is better UV or spot varnish for printing?

UV coatings provide the highest gloss versus other coatings but may crack when scored or folded due to the thickness and hardness of the coating. Some find it too shiny for some uses. UV coatings can be applied as a flood (covering the entire printed sheet) or as a spot coating and can be applied on or off press.

Is it OK to use spot varnish on packaging?

Effects such as spot varnishing can be effective and eye catching, but they can also look tacky or inappropriate. Prototyping gives you a clearer picture of what your packaging will look like and how people will respond to it.

Do you need a press plate to apply spot varnish?

A press plate must be created to apply a spot varnish, so artwork that clearly defines where to apply it is necessary. UV coatings are cured by exposure to ultraviolet light to quickly dry and harden the coating.