What is the best design for a mousetrap car?

You’ll want to design your car to have a light body, have large rear wheels, and you’ll want to position the mousetrap as close to the front of the car as possible. Having a light bodied mouse trap car allows for less work to have to be done by the mousetrap getting the car going.

What key features do mousetrap car designs have?

Common Design Elements of Distance Racer

  • reduced friction bearings.
  • longer length lever arm.
  • large diameter drive wheels.
  • small diameter axles.
  • slow moving vehicles.
  • light weight components.

Why is my mouse trap car not moving?

If a mousetrap vehicle is struggling to move and/or needs more acceleration then the lever arms can be shortened in order to increase the pulling force. Keep in mind that you will also have to reposition the mouse trap closer to the drive axle or the system will not work as intended.

What is needed to build a mouse trap car?

Materials Needed for a Mousetrap Car. There are several materials needed to build a basic mousetrap car. These items should be available at your local hardware store. You need a wooden mousetrap, two rubber bands, metal rods, eye screws, plywood, a drill, a small handsaw, a scale, a ruler, a vice or someone to hold the project steady, and wood glue.

What are the instructions for mouse trap?

Mouse Trap Instructions Release the arm bar from the staple. Move the arm bar to the back of the trap so it hangs over the back of the trap. Apply a small amount of high-protein bait, such as peanut butter, hazelnut spread or bacon to the yellow plastic pedal on the trap as shown.

What do levers have to do with mouse trap cars?

Mousetrap cars are powered by the spring of the mousetrap. When the mousetrap snaps back, the lever causes a release of energy . The lever is attached to a string that is wound around the back axle of the car. Therefore, when the lever snaps with the mousetrap, the string unwinds, which spins the axle and makes the car move .

How do Mousetrap powered cars work?

The mousetrap powered car works by changing the kinetic energy (of a loaded mousetrap) into kinetic energy (when the trap springs). The jaw snapping shut pulls the string, which makes the axles turn, which spins the tires-propelling the car forward.