What is the best ice fishing rod for walleye?

The best ice fishing rod and reel combo for walleye in 2021

Brand Recommended size
Frabill Fin-S Pro combo 30″ Medium Heavy
Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 combo 30″ Medium Heavy
Abu Garcia Veritas combo 29″ Medium
Tailored Tackle ice fishing combo 28″ Medium

Is a medium ice rod good for walleye?

Determine the type of Rod Walleye can be aggressive or they can be a finesse fish. Super stiff rods offer great strength but reduced sensitivity. Soft actions give great sensitivity but less strength. Go with a medium to medium-heavy action works best as they have a good blend of sensitivity and power.

What size rod do I need for walleye fishing?

Having a 6’6″ Medium, fast action spinning rod, paired with a medium-sized 35 reel, will provide the opportunity to fish most of the popular walleye techniques. As you gain an understanding of how to fish for walleye, we recommend purchasing a lighter rod and reel combo specifically for jigging and live bait.

How do you target walleye ice fishing?

Walleye like to move around in small groups that patrol relatively large areas every day, stopping by the same structures repeatedly. Because of this habit, another great way to find them in midwinter is to look for “choke points” where fish movement is channeled into a smaller area.

What is a medium heavy ice rod good for?

When choosing an ice rod, match the power to the target species you’re after in the same manner you would when picking a rod for open water. Light rods are good for perch, and light to medium rods are good for walleye, whitefish and most trout. Heavy rods are best for pike or lake trout.

Do you need special line for ice fishing?

No doubt, for maximum ice-fishing success, you need a line that can combat the ice-fishing challenges. Trilene Cold Weather and Trilene Micro Ice lines were developed with ice anglers in mind. Cold Weather line is blue, so it shows up well against the snow, while Micro Ice is clear, making it invisible below the water.

What line is best for ice fishing?

Monofilament. Mono is still the best overall line for most types of fishing, both openwater and ice. It offers outstanding strength per diameter, handles well even in extreme cold, ices up less than other lines, and is inherently low-vis.

Why can’t I catch walleye?

The main thing to catching walleyes is SLOW down. You cannot fish jigs too slowly. If you are fishing very slow then slow down some more. The thing that is overlooked a lot about fishing slow is you have to be fishing light enough for the jig to fall slowly.

What bait is best for walleye?

Minnows are the most popular bait option for walleye anglers, I have found consistent success with shiner and flathead minnows. When targeting bigger fish, shiners in the 4-6″ range are the mainstay, these will weed through some of the smaller fish and get you on 25″+ Walleye.

What depth are walleye at in winter?

20 to 50 feet
Throughout a winter’s day, the fish will range in depth from 20 to 50 feet. Walleyes in the tailraces tend to hug the bottom, so you should select lures that reach the river’s floor in a hurry.

What depth do you need to catch walleye?

Walleye are generally caught between 10-40 Ft. A typical mid-sized lake in the Midwest would likely hold Walleye between the depths of 10-15 Ft. during the Spring, 15-25 Ft. transitioning to Summer, 25-40 Ft.

What is a good jigging rod for walleye?

The Kastking perigee fishing rod is one of the best jigging rods for walleye. It comes up with great quality carbon fiber blank. This provides strength, power, and much durability. For better performance, it has Fuji O-Ring line guides.

What is the best size of walleye to eat?

So back to the original question, what is the perfect size walleye to eat? Anything from 14-18 inches. These are young fish; their fillets fry perfectly and they just plain “eat” better.

Which is the best fishing rod of all time?

Penn Bluewater Carnage Casting Rod The Penn Bluewater Carnage Rod is a very affordable rod for first-time and expert fishermen.

  • Shimano Teramar Northeast Inshore Casting Rod Shimano has introduced a wide variety of the Teramar Northeast rods which include nine casting and seven spinning rods capable of handling large
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  • When is the best Walleye fishing?

    Walleye fishing season is the best in spring during and after the spawning season. However, summer nights and fall months are just as good for fishing for walleyes.