What is the global education program?

The Global Education Program takes an in-depth look at the issues, problems, and concerns facing the world: environment, human rights, economy, government, culture, religious, and political issues, current events, geography, plus scientific and technological advances and discoveries.

What is global education and why is it important?

Global education enables people to understand the links between their own lives and those of people throughout the world. It increases understanding of the economic, cultural, political and environmental influences which shape our lives.

What is the purpose of global education?

Global education aims at opening a global dimension and a holistic perspective in education in order to help people understand the complex realities and processes of today’s world and develop values, attitudes, knowledge and skills that will enable them to face the challenges of an interconnected world.

What is GPE program?

What is the program? GPE trains doctoral health psychology students, interns, and post-doctoral residents to provide integrated, interdisciplinary, behavioral health and Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and other Substance Use Disorder (SUD) prevention and treatment services in high need and high demand areas.

What are the qualities of global education?

5 Characteristics Of Global Learning

  • Local–> Global pattern. When learning is first personal, and local, it has the ability for immediacy, authenticity, and responsiveness not available when it seeks to be immediately “global.”
  • Self-Directed.
  • Iterative & Spiraled.
  • Social & Digital.
  • Driven By New Actuators.

What is the best way to promote global education?

Use the following tactics to make your students global citizens:

  1. Empower your students as leaders and teachers.
  2. Incorporate global stories into your curriculum.
  3. Organize penpals for your class.
  4. Apply for grants.
  5. Take field trips.
  6. Take time to reflect on the world around you.
  7. Volunteer.

What are the characteristics of global education?

Characteristics of Global Learning

  • Local to Global Pattern. First of all, learning is at its personal or local, it has the capability for authenticity, proximity, and awareness then it looks for being global.
  • Learner-centered Classroom.
  • Productivity.
  • New Technologies.
  • Collaborative.

Who is Alice Albright?

Alice Albright, a U.S. national, comes to GPE with over 27 years of international experience that spans the private, non-profit, and public sectors. She previously served in the Obama Administration as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank).

What is the difference between global and glocal education?

These students are open to other forms of engaging with transnational education. ‘Glocal’ students are different from ‘global’ ones, as they would like to earn the social prestige and career edge offered by foreign education without having to go very far from home.

What are the skills of a global teacher?

The skills that characterize globally competent teaching include:

  • Creating a classroom environment that values diversity.
  • Integrating global learning experiences into the curriculum.
  • Facilitating intercultural conversations and partnerships.
  • Assessing students’ global competence development.

How do you incorporate global thinking in the classroom?

How to Encourage a Global Perspective in Your Classroom

  1. Bring in global stories.
  2. Expand your lessons to include global perspectives.
  3. Get involved in a global project.
  4. Bring your own travel experiences into the classroom.
  5. Connect with other global educators online.
  6. Apply for the Teacher for Global Classrooms program.

What is global education definition?

Global education is a mental development program that seeks to improve global human development based on the understanding of global dynamics, through the various sectors of human development delivery. In formal education, as a mode of human development delivery, it is integrated into formal educational programs,…

What is the concept of global education?

Global Education. Global education, or global studies, is an interdisciplinary approach to learning concepts and skills necessary to function in a world that is increasingly interconnected and multicultural.

What is global learning?

Global learning is defined as learning about other cultures through the use of technology. The purpose of global learning is to increase student’s knowledge of other countries and their citizens. Engages students in real-world and complex, global issues, requiring critical thinking from across the disciplines.