What is topas command in AIX?

The topas command collects a set of metrics from AIX® partitions that are running on the same hardware platform. Dedicated and shared partitions are displayed, and a set of aggregated values provide an overview of the entire hardware systems partition set.

What is entc in topas?

topas will tell you the Physc (number of physical CPUs consumed) and %Entc (percentage of entitled capacity) when the system is running in a micro-partition. This is when processes have allocated and used more memory than the system physically has.

How to check memory in topas?

If you want to get the highest virtual memory processes on your system, you can use #svmon -P. The output of topas shows us the memory as Computational percentage, which is the Virtual memory.

How do I read NMON output?

Using NMON Analyser

  1. Ensure that Microsoft Excel is configured to allow macro execution.
  2. Open the NMON Analyser workbook in Microsoft Excel.
  3. Click a button on the front sheet labeled ‘Analyse nmon data.
  4. A file-open dialogue will be presented.

Which process is using more memory AIX?

For memory information, we use the command svmon. svmon shows the total usage of physical and paging memory.

How do you run nmon?

If you’re using a distribution that uses dnf (Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, etc.), the following steps will install nmon:

  1. Open up your terminal window.
  2. Issue the command dnf install epel-release.
  3. Install nmon with the command dnf install nmon.
  4. Allow the installation to complete.

What is nmon file?

nmon (short hand for Nigel’s Monitor) is a computer performance system monitor tool for the AIX and Linux operating systems.

What is the output of the topas command?

The topas command reports selected statistics about the activity on the local system. The command uses the curses library to display its output in a format suitable for viewing on an 80×25 character-based display or in a window of at least the same size on a graphical display.

Which is the default TOPAS screen for AIX?

Another alternative that gives more data to processes but still uses the the default topas screen is topas -d 0 -n 0 (alias top=’topas -d 0 -n 0′). topas provides a fairly deep analysis of system CPU load.

Do you need perfagent.toolsfileset for TOPAS man?

The topascommand requires the perfagent.toolsfileset to be installed on the system. If the topascommand is invoked without flags, it runs as if invoked with the following command line:

How to alias TOPAS to a top like command?

Alias the string top to topas -P to (alias top=’topas -P’) to have a top-like command. Another alternative that gives more data to processes but still uses the the default topas screen is topas -d 0 -n 0 (alias top=’topas -d 0 -n 0′).