What kind of phone is the Nokia X?

The Nokia X is a mid-range smartphone, released by Nokia in February 2014. The Nokia X runs a modified version of Android, named as the Nokia X software platform. The device has a 4″ IPS LCD display with a resolution of 480×800. The Nokia X is powered by a Dual-core 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon and 512MB RAM.

Is the Nokia X a forked version of Android?

Powered by the Nokia X platform, the operating system is what’s known as a “forked” version of Android. It’s based on Google’s code, but the interface is all Nokia — and it doesn’t come with any Google apps. (You can install them if you “root” the device, but that will void the warranty.)

Where is the battery on the Nokia X?

To get back to the home screen, you press and hold it. The rear cover is removable, swappable for different colors, and sports a matte finish. You’ll need to open up the back to access the dual-SIM card slots which is located next to the 1,500mAh battery.

Brand Nokia Manufacturer Nokia, later Microsoft Mobile Slogan Your Fastlane to Android apps. Series Nokia X family Compatible networks ( GSM / GPRS / EDGE ): 850, 900, 1,800 a

When did Nokia discontinue the Nokia X line?

The device shipped on the same day as the unveiling, with Nokia targeting the product for emerging markets, and was sold and maintained by Microsoft Mobile. On 17 July 2014, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue the line.

What makes the Nokia X20 A good phone?

Instead of offering flagship performance or a cutting-edge screen, the Nokia X20 is trying to offer longevity by guaranteeing customers three years of Android system updates – something rarely seen on anything but a flagship or Pixel phone. Is that enough to make this one of the best Android phones at its price? Let’s have an initial look and see.

Which is the lowest end of Nokia phones?

The Nokia C-Series is the lowest-end of Nokia’s new phones, and so far consists of two devices — the Nokia C10 and the Nokia C20. Here’s a look at each.

Nokia X phone known as: Nokia Normandy, Nokia A110, Nokia X Dual SIM RM-980 with dual-SIM card slots is the only phone Nokia released using Android prior to Microsoft purchasing the Mobile Division of Nokia. The Nokia X devices heavily resemble the newer (50x and 230) Asha phones, and also contain some Lumia features.

When did the Nokia X family come out?

The Nokia X family was a range of smartphones that was produced and marketed by Microsoft Mobile, originally introduced in February 2014 by Nokia. The smartphones run on the Nokia X platform, a Linux based operating system which was a fork of Android. Nokia X is also a model of phone, known generally as the Nokia Normandy.

Is there going to be a Nokia XL?

A third phone, the Nokia XL, was announced, with a larger screen, front-facing camera, rear flash, and longer battery runtime. Very soon after release, a developer had rooted the device, and enabled the installation of Google’s apps and services.

Which is the best of the new Nokia phones?

The highest-end of Nokia’s new phone series is the Nokia X-Series, however while X-Series devices are better than other new Nokia phones, they’re still decidedly budget handsets. The Nokia X10 is one of two new devices to feature a Qualcomm chipset.