What kind of video upscaler is the xrgb mini?

An XRGB Mini is currently the latest video upscaler created by Micomsoft. There is an XRGB legacy including a 1, 2, 2+, and 3. Some of those upscalers are sought after for strengths in specific areas such as lower latency and better support at a specific video output.

How does the xrgb mini reduce input lag?

Since deinterlacing typically adds 2 or more frames of input lag, using the Mini will actually reduce input lag on many sets when dealing with 240p/288p sources (particularly newer sets with more sophisticated deinterlacing). Of course, it will also drastically improve the image quality.

What kind of RGB do I need for my xrgb mini?

They allow you to transfer an image that’s composite, or even maps directly to RGB. As a result older consoles can provide the best image when hooked up via RGB unless they’re recent enough to support better image outputs. One solid recommendation I got when I started is you either want to use all SCART or all JP-21.

Can a xrgb mini hook up to a HDTV?

The XRGB Mini converts legacy video formats to HD video format while minimizing lag and preserving the best picture quality possible. Most HDTV’s on the market process HD video very well as it’s their highest priority, most SD formats and inputs are supported as an after thought.

What kind of adapter do I need for xrgb mini?

Brand New in Box XRGB Mini Framemiester upscaler for retro gaming. All factory accessories and paperwork included. This kit was ordered with the euro scart option instead of jp21. A D-terminal to component adapter is included as well.

Can a xrgb mini framemeister work on a TV?

Although most TVs are believed to work well with the Framemeister, some of the more problematic systems, with obscure refresh-rates, can cause stuttering on some TV-sets. Pressing the Menu button on the XRGB Mini’s remote, or on top of the unit will open the main menu of its OSD (on-screen display).