What was the name of the German Panzer Division?

Panzer Division. With the Kriegsstärkenachweisungen (K. St. N.) 1103 (Sd), 1194 (Sd), 1168 (Sd), 1107 (Sd), 1171 (Sd), 1175 (Sd), 1178 (Sd) from the 1st September 1939, due to the war and a general lack of tanks on the German side the division probably never reached this setup, especially since the Panzer Division got restructured again and again.

Where does the word Panzer come from in German?

( Discuss) Proposed since May 2019. The word Panzer / ˈpænzər / ( German pronunciation: [ˈpantsɐ] ( listen)) is a German word that means ” armour ” or specifically ” tank “. It derives through the French word pancier, ” breastplate “, from Latin pantex, “belly”.

What was the structure of a Panzer Brigade?

Structure of the Tank Brigade – Panzer Brigade The Tank brigade consisted of 2 regiments with 2 battalions each and each of these battalions consisted of a staff company, two light companies and a medium company. The “Stabskompanie” or Staff Company, consisted of a Signaling Platoon with two Panzerbefehlswagen and a Panzer III.

What was the composition of the German tank division?

The remaining 5600 were assigned to supply, recon, engineering, anti-tank, signaling and staff units. Now let’s take a look at the composition of the tank brigade. It consisted of 90 Panzer II, 162 Panzer III, 60 Panzer IV and 12 Panzerbefehlswagen – a command tank. Hence, a total number of 324 tanks. But this was the intended composition.

The Regiment “Deutschland” – now completely cut off, without supplies, with losses of 70 per cent in personnel and equipment, at the end of its strength – must capitulate. Tomorrow the regiment will march into captivity with all heads held high. The regiment which had the honor of bearing the name “Deutschland” is now signing off. (2)

How many Abt are in a Panzer Regiment?

Formed on 1 Oct 35 with two Abt. each of four Kp. and assigned to 1.Pz.Div. Mobilized with two Abt. each with two light and one medium Kp. on 18 Aug 39.

When did the Panzer regiments surrender in Stalingrad?

III./Pz.Rgt.2 renamed from II./Pz.Rgt.10 28 May 42. The regiment surrendered in Stalingrad in Feb 43. Reformed on 17 Feb 43 with two Abt. each with four Kp. III./Pz.Rgt.2 reformed with four Kp. on 31 Mar 43.

When was i.pz.rgt.1 converted to Panthers?

I./Pz.Rgt.1 converted to Panthers in 1 Nov 43. Formed on 1 Oct 35. with two Abt. each with four Kp. and assigned to 1.Pz.Div. Mobilized with two Abt. each with two light and one med Kp. on 20 Aug 39.