Where can I find Percy stories on Wattpad?

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How did Percy wake up in my Little Moonlight?

Percy woke up to the sound of the door being kicked off its hinges. When he looked up he saw a pissed off Annabeth rushing towards Sage with a dagger. Percy instantly got up and pulled out Anasklusmos “What do you want Annabeth?”

How many Percy stories are there in Harry Potter?

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What did Annabeth tell Percy about the fish?

Annabeth had laughed at his expression and told him it was temporary. Annabeth had then proceeded to give Percy somewhat of a tour around the underwater kingdom, and everywhere they went, there were so many fish and merpeople of all kinds. Percy was sure he saw something with a fish’s upper half but two human legs.

Where was RWBY standing in Rush Chapter 1?

To onlookers and passersby, this was the happiest day of her life – dressed in an exquisite white dress, surrounded by thousands of red roses, standing in a beautiful church, minutes from marrying one of the city’s most eligible bachelors…

Who is angry in Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

Sadly. “Annabeth!” The angry cry from Percy reached Leo’s ears just as he looked up to see the door to the Rec Room fling open to reveal an angry Annabeth. She met nobody’s eyes and proceeded to storm into the chair beside Leo.