Where can I send my nature pictures?

Here are some reputable places to sell your nature photography online with rights managed licensing:

  • Nature Picture Library.
  • Minden Pictures.
  • Animals Animals.
  • National Geographic Images.
  • Steve Bloom Images.
  • FineArtAmerica.
  • Sea Pics.
  • Photoshot Collection.

Where can I submit a bird picture?

Instructions for submitting photos to the galleries are on each website: birdwatchersdigest.com/bwdsite/connect/gallery.php and watchingbackyardbirds.com/gallery. If you wish to share your beautiful bird photography with an appreciative audience, our digital galleries are the way to go.

How do you get awarded wildlife photos?

Nine wildlife photography tips for beginners

  1. Begin with a familiar environment.
  2. Tap into local knowledge.
  3. Get to know your subject.
  4. Be prepared to wait.
  5. Try looking closer.
  6. Take lots of photos.
  7. Don’t shy away from unsettling moments.
  8. Remember that humans are part of the story.

Is wildlife photography a good career?

Wildlife photography has emerged as one of the most exciting career options by youths off-late. To understand briefly, wildlife photography is concerned with documenting various forms of wildlife in their natural habitat. It requires great skills and some fieldcraft to capture the best moments.

What is the best f stop for wildlife photography?

A very common setting for shooting wildlife photos is to take photos at wide open apertures. This means using the widest aperture that your lens supports, often f/2.8, f/4 or f/5.6. Using a wide aperture with a long zoom lens can have many advantages for wildlife.


How does the Somerset Wildlife Trust help the environment?

We restore, strengthen and connect habitats and green spaces on a landscape scale so nature can recover and thrive in the future. We inspire people and communities to put nature into their everyday life and stand up for the natural environment upon which we all depend.

Where can I find swttv Wildlife Trust videos?

Here you’ll find videos from different Wildlife Trusts (we generally do things in the same way!) arranged into different channels which contain a range of nature-based videos, from ‘how to’ videos and campaign videos to webcams and things for the kids to try at home. Wherever you are, SWTtv will bring nature to you.

Are there plans for Wilder Somerset in 2030?

Hot on the heels of Government announcements this week, Trust reveals Wilder Somerset 2030 plans. Calling citizen scientists! It’s a bug’s life Car drivers and passengers asked to count bugs squashed on car registration plates after a journey.