Where can I send my troubled youth for free in Missouri?

The serene and distraction-free setting of our wilderness area can help even the most “treatment-resistant” adolescents from Missouri find their way. Call Wingate Wilderness Therapy today at (800) 560-1599, and allow us to give your troubled teen the help they need.

Is there a Scared Straight program in Missouri?

While numerous “get tough’ programs are often suggested for struggling teens in Missouri, such as military style boot camp or “scared straight” programs, leading research has shown that these programs actually serve to increase recidivism rates and boost the odds of offending by 60%-70%.

Can teenagers go to Bootcamp?

Teen boot camps are short-term, highly structured military-style rehabilitation programs. They are designed to use military training, authoritative teaching methods, rigorous exercise and physical activity, and strict discipline to turn around defiant, angry, or even destructive children.

What states have juvenile boot camps?

Boot camps for juveniles have evolved from their counterparts in the adult criminal justice system. Currently, juvenile boot camps are operating in 10 States — Alabama, California, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, and Ohio.

Where can I send my troubled teenager in Missouri?

BlueFire Wilderness is one of the best Missouri programs for troubled teens ages 11 to 17. With the combination of inspiring natural surroundings and an expert therapeutic staff, youth receive the best treatment to suite their individual needs.

What states have scared straight programs?

What states have “Scared Straight” programs? The study “Scared Straight” had 946 juveniles or young adults in 8 different states: Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, Texas, New Jersey, California, Kansas, and Mississippi.

Can I run away at 17 in Mo?

Currently in the state of Missouri a 17 year old is not considered a runaway if they leave home without parental consent. Teens are not only allowed to run away/ move out of the parents home for ANY reason they see fit, but are actually backed by law enforcement.

How long does boot camp last for teens?

The average durations may range from six weeks to six months or longer. A boot camp for teenagers should never be confused with summer camps that youth go to between semesters at school that are designed for entertainment and education for all youth.

Do juvenile boot camps work?

Numerous studies of juvenile and adult boot camps have demonstrated that they are no more effective at reducing recidivism than other forms of intervention. Some studies have even found the rates of reoffending to be higher for boot camp participants.

Is there a place to send troubled kids?

Boot camps, wilderness camps, boarding schools – there are countless residential treatment centers that present themselves as the solution for troubled youth.