Which river flows in Paithan?

Paithan the ancient city of Pratishthan, is beautifully situated on the left bank of the river Godavari.

What is paithan famous for?

Located 56 kilometers south of Aurangabad, it was home to Sant Eknath whose ‘samadhi’. Paithan is also famous for the Jayakawadi dam, the Nath Sagar Reservoir and the Dnyaneshwar Udyan which are favourite tourist spots. The migratory birds in the Nath Sagar Reservoir attract many bird watchers to this location.

Which is the state of paithan?


How many villages are there in Paithan Taluka?

Paithan is a Town and Taluka in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state in India. Total number of villages in this Taluka is 182.

Which saree is famous in Maharashtra?

Paithani sarees
The famous traditional silk sarees of Maharashtra are the Paithani sarees. A hand-woven saree having vibran… | Traditional silk saree, Clay wall art, Vibrant colors.

Why is Paithani so expensive?

Fashionistas believe that one of the reasons why the paithani saree is expensive is because of the weave. The weave is over 2,000 years old, and it’s usually done in the same technique as the Persian rug. Paithani is an heirloom sari, and once, it was even used as currency because it was so expensive.

How many villages are there in Gangapur?

List of all villages and towns in Gangapur Taluka of Aurangabad district, Maharashtra. As per Census 2011, there are 5 towns and 221 villages within Gangapur Taluka.

Where is the town of Paithan in India?

Paithan ( Paiṭhaṇ) pronunciation (help·info), historically Pratiṣṭhāna, is a town with municipal council in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, India. Paithan is located 56 kilometres (35 mi) south of present-day Aurangabad on the Godavari River.

Which is the best description of Paithan temple?

Peshwa Madhavrao, judging from his letters, was particularly impressed by the textiles of Paithan. Paithan is a well known ancient Digambar Jain atishay kshetra, meaning a Pilgrimage place of miracles. This temple is dedicated to Munisuvrata, the 20th Jain tirthanakar.

How is the distribution of water resources in Maharashtra?

The distribution of water resources is uneven over a large part of the state . The state water policy formulated by Government of Maharashtra in 2003 envisages that the water resources of the state shall be planned, developed, managed with a river basin and sub basin as the unit.

Who are the famous people of Paithan city?

Dnyaneshwar Udyan at Paithan is developed on the lines of Brindavan Gardens, Mysore . The city is home to many noted personalities of modern times like Shankarrao Chavan, Yogiraj maharaj Gosavi, Balasaheb Patil (Historian)