Who is Krampus and what does he do?

Krampus is the half-goat half-man creature that helps Santa deal with naughty kids. According to European folklore, while Santa gives the good children gifts and joy, Krampus chases after the bad ones with whips and chains.

Where is Santa Claus in the book Krampus?

In the depths of the Korvatunturi mountains, 486 meters deep, lies the closest ever guarded secret of Christmas. The time has come to dig it up. This Christmas everyone will believe in Santa Claus.

How big is the TV box in Krampus?

In Mucho Mart, just as the camera starts to close in through the curtain in the back of the store where the play was being held. A customer with at least a 43 inch TV box is walking from left of the screen to the right of the screen. The box was obviously empty to have been able to be held simply by the underarm as the person is doing.

What’s the story of Krampus The Christmas Devil?

The story of Krampus, the horrific Christmas devil: Santa’s horned helper. According to one of them, Krampus is said to be the son of Hell in Norse mythology. Others trace him back to demonic creatures in Greek mythology, pagan rituals, the goddess Perchta, or Satan himself. Krampus and Saint Nicholas visit a Viennese home in 1896.

Krampus is the wicked version of Santa Claus. His only concern is to punish children and/or parents who have been very naughty and disobedient on Christmastime and/or have lost all their Christmas spirit. If the people he torments cannot repent, they will be sent to the Underworld.

What does Krampus do on St.Nicholas day?

While St. Nicholas rewards nice children by leaving presents, Krampus beats those who are naughty with branches and sticks. In some cases, he is said to eat them or take them to hell. On December 6, St. Nicholas Day, children awaken to find their gifts or nurse their injuries. Festivities involving Krampus include the Krampuslauf (“Krampus run”).

What happens when Krampus lands on the roof?

Krampus is heard landing on their roof, and the rest of the family members quickly decide to make a run for the snowplow but Omi decides to stay behind to face Krampus but is then knocks her out by monstrous toys from his sack.

What kind of mask does Krampus wear?

Krampus wears a screaming Santa-like mask with long gray hair and a long gray beard. Through the openings in his mask, it can be seen that he has yellow eyes and a mouth full of sharp, jagged teeth.