Who is Tristana best with?

Besides supports with a lot of crowd control, Tristana can also be good together with utility supports. Since Tristana is a true hyper carry, supports with shields, healing, or movement speed buffs are all benefiting the carry potential of the Yordle Gunner.

Is Tristana good right now?

Is Tristana Good Right Now? Ranking as the #18 Best Pick In the Bottom Lane role for patch 11.17, placing it within our B-Tier Rank. A solid choice but there are better picks, in terms of difficulty, this is a easy to play champion for new players in league of legends.

Can Tristana play top?

She’s pretty awful top in the current meta (she’s not even top tier in bot), but she’s a very strong hypercarry if you can snowball. Therefore, she won’t work well unless you’re playing against players that are much worse than you.

Who is the best support for Ashe?

Shortcut To The Best Support Choices For Every ADC

  • Ashe = Lux. Ashe has some of the best early damage of ADCs, with her Q being able to dish out great damage if the enemy stays long enough to get hit with it all.
  • Caitlyn = Lulu.
  • Corki = Alistar.
  • Draven = Nami.
  • Ezreal = Taric.
  • Graves = Leona.
  • Jihn = Morgana.
  • Jinx = Blitzcrank.

What’s the best AP ratio for Tristana mid lane?

On AD Tristana you will max it fast because it also increases the bonus AD ratio, but in this build we have close to 0 bonus AD. The AP ratio is huge but stays the same regardless of how much points you put in E, this allows you to put points in W while still doing insane damage with your bomb (110% AP when fully charged).

What do you need to know about AP Tristana?

Tristana is not like this : instead of being (like her AD version ) a marksman dealing sustained damage over time, with little burst due to her spells, AP Tristana is a VERY bursty assassin deleting a squishy champ in less than 3 seconds, with a resettable damaging jump.

Why do you put a point in E for Tristana?

The reason is that when you put a point in E , all you get is a ridiculous 10 damage ( –> 22 if you fully stack the bomb) and a 0,5 sec shorter cooldown !! On AD Tristana you will max it fast because it also increases the bonus AD ratio, but in this build we have close to 0 bonus AD.

What’s the highest rank I can get for Tristana?

Welcome to my Tristana Mid Guide! My in-game name is snu***z, my highest rank thus far is Plat 1, and I’ve played a decent amount of Tristana mid at this point. The reason I tried Tristana Mid in the first place is because I first saw Faker play her at Worlds in 2019, so I knew there had to be a good reason to play this champion in the mid lane.