Who won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2008?

Almost immediately after, Best New Artist winner Adele segued into her contemplative “Chasing Pavements.” Her understated but intense vocal — combined with surprise harmonies from Nettles — ended the classic soul-flavored song on an emotional note.

Did teenage dream win a Grammy?

She became the first artist to be nominated for four different videos at a single ceremony. Her single “Wide Awake” from Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection—a reissue of her third album Teenage Dream—was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance….List of awards and nominations received by Katy Perry.

Wins 106
Nominations 349
show Note

What album did Amy Winehouse win a Grammy for?

Grammy Awards

Year Nominated work Award
2008 Amy Winehouse Best New Artist
Back to Black Album of the Year
Best Pop Vocal Album
“Rehab” Record of the Year

Is teenage dream diamond?

Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream album & “E.T.” are now eligible for RIAA’s Diamond certification.

Who won the most Grammys 2008?

50th Annual Grammy Awards
Date February 10, 2008
Location Staples Center, Los Angeles
Most awards Amy Winehouse (5)
Most nominations Kanye West (8)

How many Grammys did Amy Winehouse win in one night?

five awards
Trapped half a world away by the place she promised to never “go, go, go,” a vibrant, exuberant Amy Winehouse dominated the Grammys on Sunday night, winning five awards and delivering a defiant performance of her autobiographical hit “Rehab” via satellite from London.