Are ballasts interchangeable?

When considering a ballast for your lamp, make sure they have corresponding ANSI (American National Standards Institute) codes. Matching ANSI codes guarantees that the ballast you chose can be used with your lamp. However, ballasts are often compatible with more than one lamp, and vice versa.

What to do with the yellow wires on a ballast?

  1. If you did not remove the baluster, just connect the bulb.
  2. The 2 yellow wires go to the white neutral on one side of the fixture.
  3. Colors of the wire don’t mater after the hot and neutral go into the fixture.
  4. Once you remove the ballasts, the colors of the wires don’t matter.

How do you remove a single pin fluorescent bulb?

If the lamp is a single-pin lamp, you will need to pull outward on the socket to release the contact pin and then pull the fluorescent bulb downward out of the lamp. Again, be careful when removing the bulb so you do not break it.

Are old ballasts worth anything?

Ballasts Historical Scrap Prices. A replacement ballast costs about $10-25 depending on capacity and brand. The bite is that an electrician trip charge (which includes 30 or 60 minutes work) is going to be $75-150 probably – for about 5 minutes work on each light fixture.

How do you remove wires from a ballast?

How to Bypass a Ballast

  1. Turn off the power. Flipping the light switch to the “off” position does not necessarily end the flow of electricity.
  2. Locate your ballast.
  3. Cut the hot and neutral wires.
  4. Cut the socket lead wires.
  5. Remove the ballast.
  6. Connect the input wires to the output wires.

Can a LedT 10072 replace an f96t12 bulb?

The LEDT-10072 is indeed to replace either an F96T8 or F96T12, 8 foot single pin bulb. If you have further questions I recommend calling in and speaking to one of our associates so we can make sure you purchase the right product for your conversion. Have a nice day.

Can a T8 tube be used to replace a f96t12?

Yes, these LED T8 tubes can be used to replace F96T12 fluorescent lamps. These lamps work with both shunted and non-shunted lampholders. For further assistance, please call customer service at 1-800-624-4488. Helpful? What’s difference between T-8, T-12, and so on? Helpful? T12 lamps have a diameter of 1 ½ inches (or 12/8th of an inch.)

What kind of ballast do I need for a fluorescent light fixture?

Use this GE ProLine 260ISMV-N ballast in T12 (1-1/2-inch diameter) 2 or 1 bulb fixtures that are designed for F96T12 96-inch fluorescent bulbs.