Are glucometer strips interchangeable?

Manufacturers market strips made for their monitors, and strips made for other devices simply will not work. Even different meters from the same manufacturer often require a different set of strips. You may be able to find generic strips that will work in your meter.

What test strips work with true result meter?

The TRUEresult® and TRUE2go® blood glucose systems use TRUEtest test strips, which are GDH-PQQ enzyme-based test strips. For a very small percentage of the population with diabetes, the GDH-PQQ enzyme can interfere with certain drug products or therapies that contain non-glucose sugars.

What lancets work with Contour Next meter?


  • Locking endcap helps prevent accidental lancing.
  • 5 clearly visible depth settings.
  • Smooth-gliding mechanism to minimize noise.
  • Easy-to-use lancet ejector.
  • Uses silicone-coated MICROLET® lancets for smooth gliding into the skin.

What are the least expensive glucose test strips?

Prodigy test strips for several brands of Prodigy meters, which cost about $. 19 per strip, appeared to be the cheapest at the time of our research in August 2021.

What test strips work with contour?

Blood Glucose Meter (BGM) BGM NDC/UPC Test Strip
CONTOUR®USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System NDC 0193-7393-01 UPC 30193-7393-017 CONTOUR®Blood Glucose Test Strips
BREEZE®2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System NDC 0193-1440-01 UPC 30193-1440-010 BREEZE®2 Blood Glucose Test Strips

What meter uses FreeStyle test strips?

Blood Glucose Meter Compatibility with Lancets and Test Strips

Company Meters Test Strips
ABBOTT LABS FreeStyle InsuLinx FreeStyle InsuLinx
FreeStyle Lite FreeStyle Lite
FreeStyle Precision Neo FreeStyle Precision Neo

Why are people buying used test strips?

People with diabetes (PWDs) are receiving test strips for free or highly discounted using Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance and then selling them to companies that will resell them to uninsured or underinsured people at a price that is still lower than retail price.

Why are glucose test strips so expensive?

A diabetes test strip can easily cost more than $2 a strip, something that large companies say is due to the amount of research they have to do for enhancing their product.

What are the best blood glucose test strips?

Bayer Contour is well known as the #1 rated test strip in the world and tops the charts in fast results and accuracy. Keeping track of your blood glucose levels is one very important way to monitor your health and prevent any complications from diabetes from occurring.

What are the side effects of glucose test strips?

Abdominal or stomach pain

  • or feet
  • blurred vision
  • body aches or pain
  • chills
  • confusion
  • convulsions
  • cough
  • decreased urine
  • difficulty with breathing
  • What is true test strips?

    True Metrix meter and True Metrix True test strips are designed with diabetics in mind. They are reputed to report their findings consistently, making it possible to understand the potential error margin and to adjust readings. They are reliable, in that each meter will report with the same error margin each time.

    What do glucose test strips mean?

    Blood glucose test strips play a crucial role in helping you to monitor your daily blood glucose level and giving your doctor the data to adjust your medication to control your diabetes symptoms. Without the help from these little disposable strips, life with diabetes can become even more chaotic than ever.