Are there any YG audition in 2021?

A great news of Kpop enthusiasts out there who have been looking for a break into the Kpop industry as the YG Entertainment Online Audition Form 2021 has been released for those interested to apply for the YG online audition 2021.

How do you join YG audition 2021?

  1. Click the Apply link :
  2. Fill out application form and submit it.
  3. We will send confirmation e-mail and let you know individual audition time.
  4. Check your audition time and participate in audition.

How do you audition for YG?

YG is always looking for new talent and if you think you have what it takes, the first thing to do is to submit an audition application via their website. The entertainment group is currently holding open auditions that started in May and will continue through December 2020.

Will Jyp have global auditions in 2021?

The three biggest music Agencies SM entertainment YG entertainment and JYP entertainment are ready with their audition 2021. The big hit entertainment agency behind the most popular boy band BTS hosted a global audition companion to form a k-pop girl group in 2021.

Which company is best for KPOP audition?

Where to apply for K-pop auditions.

  • Jellyfish Entertainment auditions here!
  • Mystic Entertainment auditions here!
  • DSP Media auditions here!
  • Fantagio Music auditions here!
  • KQ Entertainment auditions here!
  • BrandNew Music auditions here!
  • C9 Entertainment auditions here!
  • MLD Entertainment auditions here!

Which is the best KPOP company?

Top 20 Kpop Entertainment Companies – Best of 2021

  • HYBE (Formerly Big Hit Entertainment) A Huge Boom to the Korean Economy.
  • JYP Entertainment. JYP Global Audition Project – Nizi Project.
  • YG Entertainment.
  • SM Entertainment.
  • Stone Music Entertainment.
  • Cube Entertainment.
  • FNC Entertainment.
  • Starship Entertainment.

How do you apply for YG Entertainment auditions?

YG usually posts a schedule of yearly auditions but due to COVID-19, the entertainment group is only accepting online applications for now. For the first step, applicants need to submit their entry via email.

Who is the founder of YG Entertainment Company?

So, for all the other aspiring K-Pop stars out there, here’s how to audition for YG Entertainment and start your journey to superstardom. YG Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company that was founded by Yang Hyun Suk in 1996.

How to audition for YG if you want to be a K pop star?

Those who have gone through the audition process also recommend choosing a happy sounding song that showcases your vocal range, and ensure the song doesn’t have any cursing or risqué lyrics. So if you’re dreaming of being the world’s next big K-Pop star, apply with YG Entertainment and become the next Blackpink.

When do the auditions for Next Boy start?

Applications will be accepted from April 12, 2021 to May 23, 2021, and auditions will be held from April 19 to May 30 via a Zoom video call. Only males born between the years 2002 to 2010 are eligible to audition, an dall nationalities are welcome.