Can I go to the dump in Brisbane?

Recyclables can be dropped off for free, and you can use waste vouchers or pay a fee for the disposal of general and green waste….Locations and opening hours.

Location Daily opening hours
360 Sherbrooke Road, Willawong 6.30am to 5.45pm
101 Upper Kedron Road, Ferny Grove 6.30am to 5.45pm

How do I dispose of a dead possum in Brisbane?

Dead animal collection Phone Council on 07 3403 8888 to request the collection of a dead animal. Dead animals are scanned for a microchip at point of collection from the road or footpath. Council will contact the owner if the animal is microchipped.

Is the Birkdale dump free?

You do not pay fees for non-commercial use of our Recycling and Waste Centres. To gain free access, you will need to provide proof of residency (i.e. ID which has photo and address).

Can refund Qld locations?

It’s as simple as “Bag, Drop & Go”. Our express sites are conveniently located in some IGA’s, Pizza Hut, Vinnies and Lifeline stores. You can pre-register to receive an electronic refund in a few days to your nominated bank account. Its the convenient way to get cash for your containers.

Where does general waste go Brisbane?

The final step in Brisbane’s rubbish removal process, and one we avoid at all costs is a landfill. The rubbish that cannot be disposed of in any other way is taken to Brisbane’s Rochedale Landfill. An engineered and world-class landfill, Rochedale Landfill accepts rubbish that cannot be recycled or reused.

What is a dump fee?

Tipping Fee or a gate fee is a fee paid by anyone who disposes of Waste in a Landfill. Usually this fee is based on the weight of waste per ton. This fee can be passed down to waste generator from landfill through fees or taxes. This fee serves in helping with the maintenance and other operating costs of a landfill.

What is a landfill tip fee?

A gate fee (or tipping fee) is the charge levied upon a given quantity of waste received at a waste processing facility. In the case of a landfill it is generally levied to offset the cost of opening, maintaining and eventually closing the site.

What do vets do with dead animals in Australia?

Vet services While it may seem strange to do this, Australian vets can take care your pet’s remains for a small fee of $50 – $100, depending on the size of the animal. In these cases, the animal is generally cremated with other deceased pets. The ashes are then disposed of and cannot be returned to you.

Can you bury your dog in your backyard in Queensland?

Removal of small animals on private property. When your loved pet passes away please do not use your wheelie bins for disposal (excluding birds, chickens, guinea pigs, mice, fish, etc.). Instead, you can: bury your pet in the backyard at a minimum depth of 60cm (dog, cat or other small animals only)

Is there a tip on Russell Island?

Russell Island waste and recycling centre does accept green waste. They are open Monday-Friday 8am – 2pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am – 4pm.

What happens to recycling in Brisbane?

Your recyclables are taken to Visy’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and are sorted into different categories – think paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and metal. Any non-recyclable items or ‘contaminants’ are detected by the sophisticated mechanical sorters and removed.

Where can I drop off waste in Brisbane?

These facilities help manage the waste and recycling needs of the city. Council has four resource recovery centres with waste and recycling facilities. Brisbane residents can drop off recyclables for free and any general waste and green waste for the cost of a waste voucher or a fee.

How much does it cost to pick up garbage in Brisbane?

This applies all throughout Brisbane metro region – i.e. flat pricing across the city. Pricing is very straightforward – a 240 litre general waste bin collected once a week for an office business in Brisbane metro region costs $10.00+GST per service for scheduled services (as at April 2019) – this will increase on 1st July due to waste levy .

When did Waste Management Services Brisbane start up?

Since we established our waste management services for Brisbane in 2004, our goal has always been to service our clients as efficiently as possible. We also manage the recovery of resources, to limit as much as humanly possible the waste that ends up in landfill.

Do you need a long term Brisbane waste contract?

No need to sign a long term or multi year contract for waste collections. All our Brisbane waste collection and recycling services are on flexible 30 day rolling month to month agreements. You can cancel at any time – by giving us 30 days notice. Say goodbye to rollover clauses!