Can you make your own band shirts?

Design your own Band T-Shirt Plus, a band t-shirt has never been easier to make. Simply upload your photos and designs into our online system, arrange, and add text. We do all the rest. We print, cut, and sew the shirts in our facility, and you end up with a quality custom band t-shirt before you know it!

Is it illegal to make your own band merch?

Copyright probably applies because you would “copy” the logo, which under copyright law is something only the copyright owner can do (absent authorization from the copyright owner). You would therefore theoretically be infringing copyright by copying the bands logo on a shirt or something you want to wear yourself.

Is it legal to sell band shirts?

It doesn’t matter what is printed on the shirt. You have sections dedicated to bands but are not licensed to sell their official merchandise. If you get rid of the band names and make the shirt designs as generic as possible, then you can minimize the risk.

Can you print band logos on shirts?

No, it is not illegal to screen print a band logo on a plain T-Shirt. You might for instance be working for a print shop paid by the band to do so. Or you might be doing this in your own basement for your own use. Either is legal.

Where do bands get their merch?

Let’s take a look at the 10 online merch store providers that independent musicians can use.

  • Dizzyjam. Dizzyjam is a dedicated online merch store provider for musicians.
  • MyMinto.
  • FourFour.
  • Shopify.
  • Bandzoogle.
  • Galloree.
  • MerchDirect.
  • DistrictLines.

Can I put anything on a shirt and sell it?

Many symbols that an artist might like to reproduce on a t-shirt have fallen into the category of known as the “public domain.” Material determined to be within the public domain is free for the general public to use, copy and market in any way and on any terms.

What can I do with old band shirts?

Upcycling Old Concert T-Shirts

  1. Make a Dress.
  2. Make a Sunglass Case.
  3. Make a Throw Pillow.
  4. Make a Tote Bag.
  5. Make a Quilt.

How do you make a custom shirt?

Steps to Make a Custom T-shirt Make your graphic. Cut your graphic out of freezer paper to create a stencil Iron the freezer paper to your shirt. Mix acrylic paint and textile medium according to the directions on the textile medium bottle. Put cardboard under your design area to prevent bleed-through Use the paint over the stencil

How do you make a T shirt?

How to make the tees please kids’ T-shirt: Step 1: Wash and dry the T-shirt first; don’t use fabric softener. Step 2: Cut out the pictures and other shapes from the fabric. Step 3: Iron the interfacing onto the fabric pieces following package instructions. Step 4: Slip the cardboard form into the T-shirt to make the fabric taut before painting.

How do you make a T shirt dress?

T-shirt Dress Instructions 1. Choose a T-shirt that fits the person you are making the dress for. 4. Pull on the bobbin threads to gather the skirt portion of the dress. 1. Fold the dress in half lengthwise and then in half right under the sleeves. 3. Trace around the template using a fabric pen or pencil.