Can you revive Titans in Hero Wars?

When your Titans die in a Dungeon battle they become non-available for the rest of the in-game day. However, after the in-game day update (it happens at 5:00 AM in your local time in the game) all of your titans will come back to life again.

How do I transfer my hero Wars account?

You can sync your account by going to the Settings tab on the upper right hand corner of the main screen. Android: Your account progress can be synced and thereby saved to Facebook or Google Play Games. You can sync your account by going to the Settings tab on the upper right hand corner of the main screen.

How do I reset hero wars?

You can restart every campaign by clicking restart map at the first map of that campaign. You can also use the second slot below the original hero to for example store a blood hero if you played as tears hero before.

What time does hero wars reset?


Is Hero Wars pay to win?

Hero Wars is NOT pay to win.

What is the best team in Hero Wars?

The best team in Hero WarsHero roles explained. Combining these classes strategically creates the best possible build. “Twins” team – Martha, Krista, Jorgen, Lars, Astaroth. “Shadow” team – Elmir, Daredevil, Dark Star, Jet, Ziri. Critical damage – Jet, Jhu, Nebula, Sebastian, Galahad. Synergy – Dorian, Astaroth, Helios, Orion, Nebula.

Is Kai good hero wars?

K’arkh: One of the most powerful damage dealers in the game at the moment. Without even considering his skills, his Armor Penetration and Physical Attack are some of the highest in the game, right next to Keira.

Is Hero Wars any good?

Hero Wars is an outstanding game, bursting with pleasure. It’s very strategic, so anyone who’s played a complex ARPG like this will be familiar. Guilds are a great way to meet up with friends, the arena is good for rankings, and playing this game like a free 2 play will still get you ahead.

Is Andvari good hero wars?

Andvari – Counters K’arkh/Very powerful support Hero. Can be used to tank in certain scenarios. Great for stun as well as countering Cleaver/K’arkh.

How do you beat Keira in Hero Wars?

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Who created hero wars?

Nexters Global

Who is Mira hero wars?

Mira was an exceptional tracker and demolitionist. When given a target, she would “listen” for her target and get a feel for him. Due to her Force-sensitivity, she felt the natural flow of life on Nar Shaddaa and knew where her targets were going to be even before they did.

How do you increase team level in Hero Wars?

Luckily, your Team Level is easy enough to raise if you are active. You gain Team Level experience for completing campaign missions. You also get Team Level experience as reward from completing quests. Don’t forget to level up your Heroes every time your Team Level goes up in order to keep them in top shape.

When was hero wars created?

AboutSupport URL:Nexters Global LTD SupportCountry Release Date:orldwide Release Date:ownloads:Most Popular Country:US9

How do I delete my hero Wars account?

In settings go to Apps, find Hero Wars there and click on the cross, then click Remove.

How do you get action points in Hero Wars?

To start an adventure, you’ll need 1 Portal Charge. They refill automatically every day, up to 3 max. Once you start an Adventure, you get a limited amount of Action Points. Their number depends on the size of the map, and you spend them by moving or attacking.

Do Hero Wars skins stack?

Given that they all stack and that the costs of maxing out one of these items is tremendous, you’ll want to make sure that you start with the skins that are the most impactful to begin with. Here’s the golden stat priority you should follow for your tanks: Armor and/or Magic Defense.

How do you get runes in Hero Wars?

As well as that you can use Small enchantment runes which give 10 enchant points each. You can receive them when completing certain daily tasks. The Glyphs are enchanted in the Guild Forge – open the ‘Guild’ menu and hit ‘Forge’ button: Choose a hero (they must be of 30th lvl or higher).

How do skills work in Hero Wars?

Skills are heroes’ abilities that are used in battles. If you fight in Manual mode (the Auto button is disabled) you can choose when to use the ultimate skill by clicking on its icon. Remember – you can use it only when the hero has full Energy! Important: you can fight on the Arena in Auto mode only.

How do you counter in Jet Hero Wars?

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