Can you sell stuff to round two?

Payment process: You bring whatever you’re selling—clothing, sneakers, etc—into the store and Round Two buys it outright from you on the spot. You’re paid in cash there. You can sell new or used items.

Why did round two close?

After being teased earlier this week, Sean Wotherspoon has now officially announced the reopening of Round Two Los Angeles. Closed indefinitely after being looted a few months back, the Hollywood location of vintage focussed retailer has now returned to business.

Who is the owner of round two?

Lucas Fracher
Lucas Fracher is the co-founder and owner of Round Two, a nationwide chain of boutiques.

Does Round Two NYC do Size swaps?


How do I become a sneaker reseller?

How to Start Sneaker Flipping for Profit

  1. Conduct Comprehensive Research. To build your brand as a sneaker reseller, you must have a sound knowledge of sneaker reselling.
  2. Choose The Right Platform to Sell Your Sneakers.
  3. Set The Right Price.
  4. Shipping Preparation.
  5. Packing.

What Round 2 means?

Doing things a second time “We are ready for round two” means “we are ready to do (something) again”

How much does round two pay employees?

Round 2 Salaries

Job Title Salary
Computer Technician salaries – 1 salaries reported $13/hr
Staff Accountant salaries – 1 salaries reported $50,211/yr
Marketing Manager salaries – 1 salaries reported $47,107/yr
Computer Technician salaries – 1 salaries reported $2,251/mo

How Much Does Round 2 make?

It’s brick-and-mortar gold in the era of the “retail apocalypse.” Along with Round Two’s other stores, they clock estimated annual sales of about $20 million.

Who is Chris Russow?

Social media star who is widely known for his eponymous Instagram account. He has gained popularity there for his original clothing designs sold through his Round Two Store.

Can you size swap on goat?

You may change the listing price at any time within the GOAT app. If your return request is not approved by us because the item(s) were inauthentic, you will have the option to have the item(s) sent back to you or disposed of by us in our reasonable discretion.

Are there any unique services at round two?

In addition to unique services like shadbelly rentals, consignment, 24 hour trials on all tack and free saddle trials, Round Two offers a year round selection of equestrian gifts that set us apart from your average tack store. Questions, comments or special requests? Get in touch today, we’re happy to help.

Where to buy round two in New York?

Official Round Two New York Store. Located at 113 Stanton Street. Hours: 11AM-7PM everyday. We have no phone. BUY/SELL/TRADE!

Where is roundtwonewyork city in New York City?

Located at 113 Stanton Street. Hours: 11ish-8 everyday. We have no phone. WE ARE ALWAYS BUYING

Where is vintage by round two in Ludlow?

Our customers are a key part of where our product comes from via selling/trading in our shops. We focus on unique t-shirts with character or a memory from the past! We established Vintage by Round Two in 2016 as an extension of Round Two. Located: 138 Ludlow St.

Can you sell stuff to Round Two?

Payment process: You bring whatever you’re selling—clothing, sneakers, etc—into the store and Round Two buys it outright from you on the spot. You’re paid in cash there. You can sell new or used items.

Does Round Two sell Supreme?

The racks at this resale outlet on the Lower East Side are packed with Supreme, Palace, BAPE and Off-White.

Who started Round 2?

Round 2 (company)

Industry model kits, die-cast toys, slot cars
Founded 2005 South Bend, Indiana, U.S.
Founder Thomas E. Lowe
Headquarters South Bend, Indiana , U.S.

Who owns round2?

Luke Fracher (from left), Chris Russow and Sean Wotherspoon founded Round Two.

When was round two founded?

In 2013, three friends—Sean Wotherspoon, Chris Russow, and Luke Fracher—opened Round Two, a small boutique that specialized in vintage clothing, in Richmond, Virginia.

Does Round two do returns?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns. Although, there are some occasions when we do: If there was a mistake in the item description (measurements were wrong, etc.).

Does Round Two do returns?

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