Can you swim in Setubal?

General tourist advice for Setubal’s beaches. At the mouth of the estuary (at the Praia da Figueirinha) the water is crystal clear and fine for swimming in. The southern side of the Setubal Peninsula is sheltered from the powerful waves and currents of the Atlantic Ocean and is safe for children and families.

Is Setubal worth visiting?

Setubal is less than one hour away from Lisbon, it makes for the perfect day trip. But it’s also good for long term stay. Setubal is a not yet fully discovered holiday destination, keeping it authentic and untouched.

Are there any beaches in Lisbon Portugal?

The beaches of the Lisbon region extend along four very different coastlines, and range from wild surfing beaches, through to calm family-oriented beaches and charming resort towns.

How do you get to Praia do Creiro?

There are 4 ways to get from Lisbon to Praia do Portinho da Arrábida by train, taxi, bus or car

  1. Take the train from Campolide to Coina.
  2. Take a taxi from Coina to Praia do Portinho da Arrábida.

Is Setubal safe?

Setúbal is considered a generally safe area but it has some of the major problematic neighbourhoods in the country. There are some parts of the city you might want to avoid, but the shabbiness will warn you of that.

Does Lisbon have nice beach?

Set on the Atlantic Ocean coast, Lisbon is blessed with a collection of stunning beaches, most of which are within easy traveling distance from the Portuguese capital. The Lisbon coast is served by an excellent rail service.

Where are the best beaches in Faro Portugal?

The Best Beaches In and Around Faro, Portugal Praia de Faro Ilha da Culatra Ilha da Barreta / Ilha Deserta Praia da Armona Praia da Quinta do Lago

Which is the best beach in the Algarve?

The beach faces a south-westerly direction, and under the right weather conditions can be suitable for surfing or bodyboarding. The beach is child and family-friendly, with lifeguard supervision during the summer. The Praia de Faro beach extends for 10 km, but the main tourist development is close to the bridge.

Which is the best beach in Portugal for backpackers?

Residencia do Parque – On the street by the post office, this friendly backpackers’ haunt has a mixed bag of en-suite rooms – the best are on the top floor with small balconies. There’s also a hammock lounge downstairs and huge off-season reductions. Take some Stand Up Paddle Boards and discover Odeceixe beyond the beach.

Which is the best beach in Nazare Portugal?

Nazaré’s North Beach in particular has a worldwide reputation among big-wave surfers – in fact, this is where the world’s largest-ever wave was surfed. Mar Bravo – The most upmarket seafront choice has smallish rooms but all have an ocean view and are handsomely styled with good marble bathrooms.