Can you use Tesco vouchers for Pleasure Beach?

Yes, once you have exchanged your Tesco Clubcard vouchers for eTickets, direct with Tesco, you will receive a Tesco Rewards Token for Blackpool Pleasure Beach via email. To exchange the Tokens please visit the Tesco Deals section on the Blackpool Pleasure Beach website and follow the steps to book your visit.

How do I claim my Tesco vouchers?

To claim your money back all you’ll need to do is log in to the Clubcard section on and click on the “My Vouchers” tab, which shows your voucher history, including which points haven’t been spent yet. These unused ones can then instantly be spent online.

Is Tesco still giving vouchers?

Tesco’s extended some Clubcard vouchers by six months Make sure you use yours before the extension is up. Expiring soon. Vouchers originally due to expire in February 2021 are extended until August 2021. Vouchers originally due to expire in May 2021 are extended until November 2021.

Do Tesco still post Clubcard vouchers?

We’ll stop sending your offers and vouchers by post. Instead, we’ll send you an email when they’re available in your Clubcard account.

Can I use Tesco vouchers for Blackpool?

You can exchange your Tesco Clubcard for entry tokens into The Blackpool Tower Eye. You will need to do this online through the Tesco Clubcard website here.

Where have my Tesco vouchers gone?

My Clubcard Account I have lost my Clubcard vouchers. You can check what vouchers you have left to spend by logging into your Clubcard Account and going to the vouchers section. All of your active Clubcard vouchers will be listed, along with the online codes you need to use when placing an order with a Reward Partner.

How can I save money at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

How to Save Money at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  1. Take advantage of special offers and discounts.
  2. Don’t buy a wristband unless you really need one.
  3. Consider a Resort Pass.
  4. Shop around for the best hotel deals.
  5. Think carefully before buying an Annual Pass.
  6. Take your own drinks and snacks.

Do you get NHS discount at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Discount already applied when you apply via – Purchase online and then show NHS badge upon redemption of order.

Can you use Blackpool Pleasure Beach vouchers online?

Simply redeem your clubcard vouchers in advance and pre-book online up until 5pm on the day of your visit, (they can’t be used at the attraction gate on arrival). Unfortunately the hugely popular Blackpool Pleasure Beach Pass is not running this season due to current situation.

Where can I Use my Tesco evoucher code?

Tesco eVoucher (codes) An electronic voucher that is applicable at all Tesco Stores

How long are my Tesco faster vouchers valid for?

How long are my Faster Vouchers valid for? Will I still get a quarterly Clubcard statement? How do I spend my Faster Voucher in-store? How do I spend my Faster Vouchers online? Can I use Faster Vouchers with Clubcard Reward Partners? Can I change my mind if the vouchers haven’t arrived yet? Where can I find the terms and conditions?

Where can I redeem my Tesco MCO vouchers?

Lead time during MCO or CMCO will differ, Tesco will advise on case to case basis. 1. Also able to purchase at any Tesco Store Customer Service Desk or submit via Tesco website 2. Vouchers are redeemable at all Tesco store nationwide. 3. Multiple redemption up to RM500 max is allowed.