Can you use vodka with luster dust?

Add 1 to 2 drops of vodka and lemon or clear vanilla extract and mix well to create a paint. You must use an alcohol-based liquid. Luster dust is not water-soluble and will not fuse with water. Continue to add luster dust and mix well until you have achieved the desired effect.

What alcohol goes with luster dust?

Luster Dust and Petal Dust can be diluted to be used to paint with. Simply dilute the Dust with some clear alcohol such as rum or vodka, 2 dust : 1 alcohol and adjust as needed. Then using an artist brush, paint on details or even letters.

What alcohol goes with gold dust?

You can use any alcohol based flavored extract in place of vanilla. Vanilla extract has about the same alcohol content as vodka, which, as I said earlier, I find to be a little too watery. So, if you’re okay with using alcohol, I recommend the Bacardi 151 for a shiny gold.

Can I use vodka instead of Rejuvenator spirit?

Yes, you could use clear alcohol such as gin or vodka, if you have some to spare. Cooled, boiled water is another option, but it does not dry very quickly, or give such a good finish.

What can you mix with Lustre dust?

Luster dust can simply be brushed onto molded candies, fondant, and gum paste with a dry brush. If you want an evener application or intense color, mix the luster dust with alcohol (vodka is recommended) or an alcohol-based extract like lemon extract.

Can I use vanilla extract with luster dust?

Mix luster dust with a small bowl of vanilla extract. The gold dust cannot be mixed with water or directly into the icing. Paint the gold mixture directly onto the icing on your pastry, cake or other baked goods.

Can you use tequila for gold luster dust?

The first time, I used tequila (clear), because it was all I had on hand. I’ve used it with vodka as well. Both worked just fine.

Is Rolkem Super Gold edible?

This Rolkem Super Gold Dust is a non toxic, approved food colouring, edible dusting powder great for dusting over sugar craft creations to give it a high shine. The Rolkem Super Dust range produces a glossy metallic lustre finish. It can be dry brushed onto any edible product including chocolate.

Can you use vanilla extract with luster dust?

Vanilla is also alchohol based, so it would work fine. it will work but the alcohol content is low (35%). it may be clumpier than if using a higher alcohol. it will also tint the color a bit on the tan / brown side.

Can you use vodka to make a gold slurry?

The top set with more of an antique gold finish rather than the lux liquid gold finish, which I am hoping to figure out a way to avoid that. But it could be from the vodka I used evaporating. So, just like you use vodka or lemon extract to activate your gold luster dust to paint any cake feature gold, you make a gold slurry (recipe below).

Which is the best alcohol to mix luster dust with?

Some cakers prefer vodka, but I always use grain alcohol to mix luster dusts with. Grain alcohol can be found at your local liquor store (it’s also known as Everclear), and at 180 proof it has the highest alcohol content of any alcohol.

Which is the best Gold Dust to use?

The best thing about Gold Pearl Dust by Wilton is that it’s more commonly found at your local craft store. It’s a luster dust that you’ll need to mix with an alcohol solution to make it paintable, but I found that the dust didn’t dissolve as well as other luster dusts I’ve used, making it a little more grainy of a finish.

What kind of alcohol to use to make gold buttercream?

The higher the alcohol content, the faster it will evaporate from your cake and leave you with that shiny gold finish you’re pining for. If you only have vodka or lemon extract on hand, those will work as well, they’ll just take longer to dry. To my amazement, I ended up really liking all three of the products I tried for metallic finishes.