Did Santa Anna have a family?

In 1825, he married Inés García, the daughter of wealthy Spanish parents in Veracruz, and the couple had four children: María de Guadalupe, María del Carmen, Manuel, and Antonio López de Santa Anna y García.

Did Santa Anna get married?

Santa Anna was married twice, to Inés García in 1825, and, a few months after the death of his first wife in 1844, to María Dolores de Tosta, who survived him.

Who is Santa Anna’s parents?

Manuela Pérez de Lebrón
Antonio López de Santa Anna
Antonio López de Santa Anna/Parents

What was Santa Anna’s early life like?

Early Life Santa Anna was born in Xalapa on February 21, 1794. His parents were Antonio Lafey de Santa Anna and Manuela Perez de Labron and he had a comfortable middle-class childhood. After some limited formal education, he worked for a short time as a merchant.

When did Santanna marry?

1844 (María Dolores de Tosta)
1825 (Inés García)
Antonio López de Santa Anna/Wedding dates
In 1844, Santa Anna’s wife, Ines–whom he had long neglected in favor of a succession of young mistresses–died of pneumonia. A few months later, the 50-year-old Santa Anna shocked the nation by announcing his intention to marry 15-year-old Maria Dolores de Tosta. His unpopular marriage was the last straw.

Why was Santa Anna a bad leader?

Santa Anna possessed a magnetic personality and real qualities of leadership, but his lack of principles, his pride, and his love of military glory and extravagance, coupled with a disregard for and incompetence in civil affairs, led Mexico into a series of disasters and himself into ill repute and tragedy.

Who was Santa Anna’s wife?

María Dolores de Tostam. 1844–1876
Inés Garcíam. 1825–1844
Antonio López de Santa Anna/Wife

What happened to Santa Anna’s leg?

Santa Anna’s real leg was amputated after he was hit by cannon fire during a melee with the French in 1838 (the leg was interred with full military honors). In 1847, his artificial leg was captured by soldiers of the 4th Illinois Infantry, which is why it’s in the Illinois State Military Museum.