Do dead backlogs matter?

Dead backlogs usually doesn’t cause hindrances in sitting for placements but, its all dependent on the no. of candidates available and the vacancy they want to fill up.

Can I get a job with backlogs?

Yes, you can get job, having backlogs. plan: below will help to get job faster: better skills than others (say, nearly expert knowledge in node. better programming skills (say, you have a 1000 rank in algorithms on a competitive programming website, as a fresher)

Does backlogs affect placement?

Some companies allow 1 Active backlog while others allow only passive backlogs. A generous Company like TCS sometimes allows 1 year drop in campus placements. But an eligibility criteria only decides if you’re eligible to sit for the Aptitude Test or not. Backlogs doesn’t really matter in the later stages.

Can I change college with backlogs?

See, this is completely based on the university whether they have any criteria of migration for students having backlogs. So better to check with the same college where you wish to get admission in, if they allow you then you can go for it. But generally, this is quite tough to get migration if you are having backlogs.

How do you change colleges after the first year?

If you want to change the college you studied in 1st year, report to the mamagement as soon as possible without any pay of fee. You’r TC will be returned.

How do I change my college in second year?

You need to apply to both the colleges for the change of your college to the respective college. They have to approve it and transfer your records from present college to the other. All you need to do is to secure good percentage of marks. It is possible if both the colleges are under same university.

Is it possible to change college after 2nd year engineering?

Yes, you can change the college after completing your 2nd year of engineering degree. This process is possible only if the college affiliation is same and your new college comes under same university. For changing you need to follow few process which is mentioned below in detail.