Do I turn in a resume with an application?

2 Answers. If the application specifically requests you attach a resume in addition (it does not specify it is optional), I would definitely attach it. Even if it is optional, I would still attach it. Here is a list of reasons the duplicate information in the resume could still be useful.

How do you attach a resume to a job application?

How to Upload a Resume OnlineLook for a text box. Search for a button that says “Upload” or “Upload a resume.” When you click this button, you can then find the file on your computer to add it as an attachment to your job application.Pay special attention to any instructions about uploading.

What do you say when turning in a job application?

Speaking With the Hiring Manager Once you have the hiring manager on the phone, say who you are and when you dropped off your application. Reiterate your interest in the position. You might mention information that your application did not include, such as an award you recently received.