Does Ancestry still have message boards?

The message boards are public postings from members of the community about research localities and surnames. There are currently over 17 Million posts on more than 161,000 boards.

How do you use a message board on Ancestry?

From within a board or thread, click on the name or username of a poster to go to their profile page. You must have a membership to Ancestry to start a direct message. On their profile page, click Message.

What is a message board called?

A discussion board (known also by various other names such as discussion group, discussion forum, message board, and online forum) is a general term for any online “bulletin board” where you can leave and expect to see responses to messages you have left. Or you can just read the board.

What is GenForum?

GenForum is a free genealogy message board arranged by surname and region. They also have message boards for other genealogy topics including: General Genealogy. Immigration, Emigration and Migration.

Is RootsWeb still active?

RootsWeb evolved into a free online community of message boards, mailing lists, genealogy websites, and family trees. It was bought by Ancestry in 2000 and has slowly lost features. Mailing lists ceased in 2020.

How do I find my ancestors online for free?

Free General Genealogy Websites

  1. Access Genealogy. This grab-bag of free genealogy records keeps growing.
  2. FamilySearch.
  3. HeritageQuest Online.
  4. Olive Tree Genealogy.
  5. RootsWeb.
  6. USGenWeb.
  7. California Digital Newspaper Collection.
  8. Chronicling America.

What is the forum of a text?

Updated: 08/02/2020 by Computer Hope. Not to be confused with a form, a bulletin board (BB or Bboard), discussion forum, discussion board, and forum is an area where users share thoughts, ideas, or help by posting text messages. Forums are different from chat because it is almost never live and can be read at any time.

How do message boards work?

A message board is an online discussion area in which users with similar interests discuss topics. These conversations or discussions are available in the form of posted messages. Discussions are listed in a central place maintained on web pages.

How do I find a discussion on Reddit?

If you’re using the old Reddit design, the search bar is in the top-right. If you’re using the new Reddit design, it’s at the very top in the middle. Type what you want to see in here and press Enter to search. When you use the search bar, Reddit will pull up subreddits, users, and posts that contain your search term.

What is wrong with RootsWeb?

RootsWeb Mailing Lists – Discontinued Ancestry announced in early 2020 that they were discontinuing the functionality. Many of the lists have moved elsewhere, but the Mailing List index on the site is still plentiful. The archives are still searchable at this point.

How to browse message boards by last name?

To browse message boards by last name, click a letter. Under the list of letters, click the first-second letter combination you want, and then the first-second-third letter combination.

Where can I find a list of surnames?

Start your research by with a search, or browse all surname forums by selecting a letter below.

How many message boards are there on ancestry?

Ancestry® message boards contain over 25 million posts on more than 198,000 boards. From any page on Ancestry®, click the Help tab and select Message Boards. To search by names or keywords, enter a name, event, or other keyword in the top field and click Search.

Where can I find a genforum message board?

GenForum Message Boards – Find the genealogical research you need on GenForums on! FORUMARTICLESSEARCH Explore GenForum GenForum is the ultimate research resource with over 14,000 online forums devoted to genealogy, including surnames, U.S. states, countries, and general topics.