Does HHO really improve fuel economy?

It is noted that HHO gas enhances the combustion process through increasing engine thermal efficiency and reducing the specific fuel consumption. Comparing HHO gas to commercial gasoline fuel, HHO is extremely efficient in terms of fuel chemical structure.

What is the difference between HHO and H2O?

“H2O is the chemical formula for a water molecule, where a single oxygen atom is bonded with two hydrogen atoms. Thus, HHO = Hydrogen-Hydrogen-Oxygen. Since the oxygen and hydrogen are in mixed gas mode and not bonded, it is not H2O (water). Bonding hydrogen and oxygen requires an ignition and chemical reaction.

Does water injection increase horsepower?

Water spray reduces the peak temperature by taking up the latent heat of vaporization for the liquid water droplets which eventually convert to vapor. Additionally water does not have any chemical energy to offer, like fuels. Thus Water Injection may not increase the horsepower but is only a emission control technique.

How much HHO is needed to run an engine?

So with this in mind, the formula will work pretty well. We have since found that the correct amount of HHO to use is closer to 1/8 of a liter per minute per liter of engine size.

Do HHO generators actually work?

They work, and no you do not get “more” energy you get different energy. being that HHO is 3 times more explosive and hotter burning then gas a small amount added to the air intact allows you to “lean” the gas while maintaining power and speed.

How much HP gain with methanol injection?

And how much power can actually be had from water/methanol injection? It all depends on your engine, turbo, the type of gas you use but factor anywhere around 20% horsepower gains on a forced induction engine.

Why hydrogen is not used as a fuel?

Hydrogen has the highest calorific value so it can be considered as the best fuel but it is highly inflammable so it is diificult to store, transport and handle so it is used as a fuel only where it is absolutely necessary.

What do you need to know about HHO injection?

10 Facts about HHO from the testing 1 HHO will reduce carbon monoxide up to 90%. Carbon monoxide is a fuel and HHO is a catalyst to promote its combustion 2 HHO will reduce HC or hydrocarbons in a range 10% to 90% 3 HHO will reduce particulates, especially organic particulates in a range between 10% and 70%

How does the HHO system in a car work?

These gases are collected and used by the engine as fuel. The collected gas then is piped to the vehicle’s engine and sucked in by the intake manifold. Accounts from manufacturers claim hydrogen is thousands of times more energy dense than fuel, and only a little is needed to fuel the vehicle.

Do you know the truth about hydrogen injection?

I have analysed thousands of results of on-road studies, in addition to being involved with many high level tests in motor and dyno labs at both Government and private facilities located Australia and the USA. I was very lucky to be part of all of this research and testing. I also tested water injection, alcohol injection, fuel additives etc etc.

Do you believe that HHO systems actually work?

Yes, my friends, I believe that water will one day be employed as a fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light, of an intensity of which coal is not capable. Fast forward about a century, and enter Australian Yull Brown, an avid inventor and Verne enthusiast.