As the sphere of online gambling is slowly growing, online casinos are legalized in more and more states, including New Jersey. It is perhaps one of the most profitable locations if you are opening your own platform or thinking about playing at one. As a matter of fact, the majority of New Jersey online casinos get millions in profit yearly. After all, it is one of the least restrictive states in the US right now. However, you should still be aware of New Jersey gambling laws and what is allowed if you live or travel through that state. It is precisely the goal of today’s journey. We’re taking a closer look into online gambling NJ law, whether you can enjoy online slot machines and play the lottery. Additionally, we have specific tips and tricks on how to find the best possible platform out there and enjoy all its advantages. So let’s continue on this legal gambling journey together.

Is Gambling Legal in New Jersey

The first thing we should address concerns New Jersey law. Is gambling actually legal? Our answer here is definitely positive. NJ online gambling law allows almost all forms of gambling. It was legalized back in 2013 and supported by several official governmental representatives. With that being said, all casinos should still get a proper license in order to provide their services. Moreover, if you’re looking to open your casino, this state offers not only local but also offshore services. Therefore, there are hardly any limits that are worth your time.

Once you decide to travel to the state, we recommend trying traditional slot machines. Yes, of course, they are legal. Interestingly enough, taxes that are paid by Internet casinos are still higher than land-based options. But it doesn’t necessarily decrease your chances of having fun. You can do anything from enjoying slot machines to having fun with sports betting, lottery, live poker, baccarat, blackjack, and this list can continue. Keep in mind that you have to be 21 years old or older in order to gamble. The same age applies to land-based casinos and alcohol.

Is online gambling legal?Yes!
Who regulates online gambling in NJ?New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
Legal age to gamble21
Legal gambling activitiesCasinos, sports betting, lottery, racing
Does self-exclusion program work in NJ?Yes!
Who can provide help with problem gamblingInternational center of responsible gambling

How to Choose a Casino That Follows Gambling Law NJ

Because New Jersey is a rather relaxed state when it comes to its gambling laws, you have a great selection of different casinos. Quite frankly, there are thousands of different variations available for you. You can start by doing proper research and finding online venues with the best bonuses. Once you select a couple, look through their official platforms to check whether they have a proper license. Nevertheless, the best thing you can actually do is take a look at our recommendations below:

  1. Review rules and regulations of fair gambling
  2. Check whether your casino has a license
  3. Read through requirements for bonuses, paying special attention to wagering and deadlines
  4. Don’t ignore game selection. Does this casino have enough games to satisfy your needs?
  5. Find real reviews from customers and possible complaints, if any
  6. Before making deposits, make sure they offer enough payment options, including credit cards, digital wallets, and cryptocurrency

Why It Is Important to Find a Legal and Licensed Platform

NJ internet gambling law is our next step. By now, you probably know what is legal and what is not allowed. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you understand why it is so important to find a legal platform. It is not only done because online casinos have to pay taxes and so on. NJ state gambling law actually takes care of many users.

All slot machines and gambling games, in general, are based on mathematical equations and models. It means those game providers should not change math depending on how lucky a person is. They should never touch licensed games with submitted RTP. A proper governmental licensing will ensure that every single available game is fair and not rigged. So as we promised before, licensing is not only done to get money from the government. It saves your wallet.

Game Selection at Online NJ Casinos

Before we get to the conclusion, we want to highlight that not all online platforms have the proper game selection. Therefore, never deposit your money before making sure that you have enough slot machines and table games in front of you.

Lastly, here is a small list of things you might need to know:

  • Is sports gambling legal in New Jersey? Yes, since 2013.
  • Legal gambling age in New Jersey: 21
  • Can you play the lottery? Yes, that too.
  • Can you play poker? Baccarat, poker, blackjack, roulette, and keno are legal.

Final Thoughts

Now you’re ready to gamble once you go to New Jersey. But here are several points that we have discussed today that will be worth remembering. First and foremost, online gambling is, in fact, legal in New Jersey. Nevertheless, you should still look for licensed and official casinos because you will not only be safer but also save your money doing so. Additionally, don’t forget to do prior research. Even though licensing matters, payment options, and game selection are just as important. Other than that, have fun, enjoy gambling, and do so responsibly.