How can I apply for Giro CPF?


  1. Log in with your Singpass.
  2. Submit the “Apply/Change GIRO for Mandatory MediSave Contributions and Voluntary Contributions by Self-Employed Person” application.
  3. Check your GIRO application status via My Activities.

Can I pay CPF online?

e-Cashier allows you to make digital payments to the CPF Board for CPF matters as a member and/or self-employed person.

How do I pay CPF through bank transfer?

Go to the CPF website and login to my cpf with your SingPass. Submit an online application via My Requests > Building Up My / My Recipient’s CPF Savings. Login to your bank’s mobile app. Scan the QR code generated with your bank’s mobile app to make payment.

What is the due date for CPF submission?

14th of every month
The deadline to submit the CPF contribution returns is normally the 14th of every month.

Is Direct Debit same as Giro?

GIRO is an arrangement with your bank to make payments directly to a billing organisation (BO) for any outstanding bills. GIRO direct debit allows a BO to debit your designated bank account to pay your bills on a regular basis.

How much should I contribute to MediSave?

Medisave Contribution Rates for Year 2017

Yearly Net Trade Income Age as at 1 Jan 2017
Below 35 45 to below 50 years
Above $6,000 to $12,000 4% 5%
Above $12,000 to $18,000 4% to 8% 5% to 10%
Above $18,000 8% 10%

How do I put money into my CPF?

There are 4 ways you can top up your CPF savings:

  1. Voluntary cash contribution to all three accounts (Ordinary, MediSave, and Special Accounts)
  2. Voluntary cash contribution to MediSave Account only.
  3. CPF Transfers from Ordinary Account to Special or Retirement Account via RSTU.

How do I pay my CPF bill late?

Login to our CPF e-Submit or

  1. Sign in with CorpPass and key in CPF Submission Number (CSN).
  2. Select CPF e-Submit@web.
  3. Key in the Month and Year of payment details for the late payment interest.
  4. Select Submission via Blank Form (No Auto-computation of CPF).

Can I transfer my CPF to my wife?

CPF transfers are limited to spouse, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law and siblings while cash top-ups can be done for any CPF member. This is a good avenue to help your spouse build his or her retirement savings, by transferring savings above your cohort’s BRS.

How much should I contribute to Medisave?

Where can I submit my CPF contribution online?

CPF EZpay is a free web-based application for employers to submit their employees’ CPF contribution details and make payment electronically. It auto-computes the CPF and Skills Development Levy (SDL) amounts based on your employees’ details.

Do you need to submit a new Giro application?

You need to submit a new GIRO application which will supersede your existing GIRO arrangement. You need not terminate your existing GIRO arrangement. A revised GIRO instalment plan notice will be sent to you once your new GIRO application is approved.

How do you terminate a Giro instalment plan?

A revised GIRO instalment plan notice will be sent to you once your new GIRO application is approved. To terminate your GIRO arrangement, you may do so at your bank using internet banking or contact your bank directly.

What to do if you have paid CPF in error?

If you have paid CPF contributions for your employees in error or in excess, you can apply for an adjustment or refund. Skills Development Levy (SDL) is a compulsory levy that you have to pay for all your employees working in Singapore, on top of CPF contribution and Foreign Worker Levy.