How do I contact the Office of Fair Trading?

Trading standards services are delivered by your local authority and consumer concerns should be reported to the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133.

What powers does the Office of Fair Trading have?

Competition Enforcement Such laws are detailed in The EC Treaty and the 1998 Competition Act. With these laws at hand, the Office of Fair Trading has enough powers to stop competition damaging businesses such as cartels. It also has the power to break up anti-competitive agreements from different businesses.

What powers did the OFT have?

Formal investigations

  • The OFT has powers under the 2002 Act in relation to the investigation of criminal cartels to:
  • Production of documents.
  • These powers require a written notice to be served indicating the subject and purpose of the investigation and a date when documents or information must be produced.

Can trading standards get my money back?

If you think the seller has broken the law You can report the seller to trading standards – for example, if they took your money and refused to deliver the item. Trading Standards may investigate but won’t usually be able to get you your money back.

What can you complain to trading standards about?

You should report a business to Trading Standards if they sold you something:

  • unsafe or dangerous, like an electronic appliance with faulty wiring or food past its use-by date.
  • fake.
  • not as described – for example, you bought a package holiday but something advertised wasn’t included.

What is the Fair Trading Act UK?

an Act which consolidated and extended UK competition law by controlling MONOPOLIES, MERGERS AND TAKEOVERS, RESTRICTIVE TRADE AGREEMENTS and RESALE PRICES.

Can Trading Standards freeze your bank account?

These can even be exercised in some circumstances by Trading Standards or Local Authorities and may cover bank accounts (Account Freezing Orders), assets in a criminal investigation (Restraint Orders), or assets in Civil Recovery Proceedings (Property Freezing Orders).

Who enforces competition law in UK?

Since 1 May 2004 not only the European Commission, but also the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has the power to apply and enforce Articles 81 and 82 of the EC Treaty in the United Kingdom. The OFT also has the power to apply and enforce the Competition Act 1998.

What powers does a competition authority have?

Those powers can be used to enter and search business and private premises with a warrant in what is known as “dawn raids”. They also have the power to impose fines on businesses found to have infringed competition law .

What is the Office of Fair Trading?

The Office of Fair Trading ( OFT) was a non-ministerial government department of the United Kingdom, established by the Fair Trading Act 1973, which enforced both consumer protection and competition law, acting as the United Kingdom’s economic regulator.

What is forex UK?

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What is Fair Trading Act?

The Fair Trading Act 1986 is a statute of New Zealand. Its purpose is to encourage competition and to protect consumers/customers from misleading and deceptive conduct and unfair trade practices. The Fair Trading Act provides for consumer information standards. Under the Act, the Commerce Commission enforces product…